A study released earlier this week found that gay people subjected to high levels of stigma are more likely to die younger, and a complimentary study has found that the same is true for the people propagating that anti-gay prejudice. Individuals who oppose equality for the gay community and support discrimination have a life expectancy that is 2.5 years shorter than for those with more tolerant views. This distinction is consistent across various demographics, including socioeconomic status, level of education, and self-rated health status.

Research has found similar results for white people with high levels of prejudice against black people ...(speculated due to) increased levels of stress, such as when high-prejudice Whites interact with a cross-race partner, for example. The repeated activation of that physiological stress response increases the risk for long-term disease outcomes and mortality...

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The article also notes, "the questions that assessed anti-gay attitudes in the study did not represent extreme forms of homophobia like violent intent, but actually examined respondents’ moral approval of homosexuality

1.  Good.

2.  Unfortunately this does not apply to specific individuals.  Just averages across populations.  NOM trolls may still live as long as anyone else.3.  Too bad there's no hell with fire caves and special sodomizing demons reserved just for them.

4.  I hope that means their youth is 2.5 years shorter, not their old age. 

5.  It's nice to see that racists also die younger.

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NOM trolls may still live as long as anyone else.

True! (And NOM have repeatedly shown themselves to oppose not just equal marriage, but our very existence.) But as many advocates keep pointing out, every day, when some young people reach their 18th birthdays and become eligible to vote, is a day closer to equality and justice.

We can hope that the message that "prejudice is poisonous" might have a little impact.

Too bad there isn't an antidote to the malignant mindware that can be simply sprayed over people. :-)

Apropos to the photo, here's a flyer I've handed out to onlookers of such preachers. (It's my own work, using various copylefted photos.) Feel free to adapt, improve, and use it!

Yes the NOMites are nothing more than hatemongers. Whatever pretense they displayed in the era of the malevelent Maggie Ghallager is gone. Although even her pretense was transparent.

The "antigay industry" - whose only products are lies, scapegoating, hypocrisy, and bile - needs prejudice to stay in business.

I would like to see Brian Brown, Scott Lively, Peter Labarbera, Regneris and others all having strokes snd cancers, and wind up in nursing homes with gay nurses to change their catheters and administer their enemas.

Oh well. They say living well is the best revenge. I should avoid the LGBT news blogs that concentrate on those asswipes so I am not the one with the early stroke.



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