I came across this trailer as a result of a conversation with a gay friend of mine ... and I have to say, I'm intrigued at what Franco and Co. are attempting to do here ... or at least with what I THINK they're attempting to do.

As to exactly what that is (whatever it is), input is herewith solicited.

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Loren from what I have read, this was an attempt to recreate a deleted scene from the Al Pachino movie Cruising. I remember that movie. It was one of the first I ever saw that depicted gay men in any way, let alone as masculine.

Franco is interesting. He plays at the edge of gay - supposedly not gay himself, but taking gay roles, embracing gay sexuality, and playing with it. Maybe he is gay, or is bi, or neither. He seems to love making us guess, and loves being the "bad boy". His version of gay is what James Dean might play, or Sal Mineo, but with mischief.

At least thats my take. :-)

Interesting, SB.  Thanks for your input.

Leather was never my thing, but I've known a few guys who were into that.  Despite the highly macho facade, they were more likely to play with kittens and bake cookies, than actually do anything threatening.   But as with anything, one's own experience can be poorly indicative of the actual  situation.

Not mine either, though there is almost an inevitable intersection between leather and BDSM, at least in terms of some of the appurtenances involved.  That meeting, though, as with so many other things, is contingent on the participants and their mindsets.

I don't know how people take all of that seriously.  I would think they would start laughing at the silliness.  But each to his own.

I'm also someone who has never been a part of the leather community.  I agree with your observation regarding leather-men, cookies and kittens.  The people I know who identify with the leather scene are definitely using leather outfits for visual effect and not as an expression of actual rough, BDSM sexual desire. 

I liken this to the clothing of the hip-hop, rap, gang-banging crowd.  The sagging pants, boxer-short-showing, cooked-baseball-bat-wearing ensemble was adopted by legions of suburban white boys as a fashion statement and not as a reflection of gang affiliation or of being a street thug. 

(BTW, I'm glad to see skinny jeans coming back.  I can't wear them myself, but they look cute on the younger crowd.  I enjoy looking.) 

As far as the movie trailer, it looks to me like it's a recreation showing the lifestyle of a niche group of people.  It's not an outright documentary or faux documentary along the lines of "Best In Show" or This is Spinal Tap" but just a depiction made as mainstream(?) cinema. 

I don't follow showbiz celebrities and was quite unfamiliar with James Franco until last year when it was recommended that I watch the 1999 television series Freaks and Geeks.  (Cute show,)  Since that series, he has indeed involved himself with LGBT-related projects and characters.  Whatever his sexuality may be, he certainly does like to walk on the edge and push boundaries.  For Hollywood, I commend him for that.   

Franco reminds me very much of, the late, Health Ledger.  Brokeback Mountain is,imho the best love story ever made.  And Ledger along with his co-star , were not afraid to go there, and still pusue leading roles as straight men.

I was into leather in NYC in the 1980's and 90's.  I'm not sure what they're trying to do here, but James Franco is always doing something interesting, and usually something brave.  I admire him.

I remember when Cruising came out.  There were protests in the gay community against it.  Some made nose outside the studio while it was being made, to sabotage the filming.  I think now that wouldn't happen.

I remember when Cruising came out too.  I think the gay community was protesting that, once again, we were being portrayed as a group of sad, twisted perverts that inevitably would come to a bad end.  You're probably right in that now we seem to be everywhere, and portrayals of us are somewhat more balanced than they used to be. 

Here is my concern about Franco. It's not a. big deal to me but I wonder.
Some of the gay wesites are fascinated about him, so he comes up onthem now and then.

Here's my concern. There is supportiveness, and inclusion and embrace.... then there is "I am rebellious and devil-may-care and in-your-face and kind of gonzo, and to prove that I dabble with gay themes, fetishize gay men, and use my obsession with gay mens sexuality to outrage the easily outraged prudes"

I probably didnt express that well, but msybe the concern gets through. Also, even if true, that's still better than exclusion and shunning and demonization.


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