Advocate editorial.

Equality and humane acceptance into mainstream society is woefully incomplete without full embrace of intersex people.  That means acceptance so deep, that when parents discover their newborn baby is intersex, they do not opt for surgical mutilation.  Acceptance that places doctors who would do such mutilation on the sidelines, as outdated and unrespected as those who would use leeches and bleeding as therapies.  

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The numbers seem small - especially because of lack of visibility. Estimates of prevalence vary vastly.  

The prevalence of intersex depends on which definition is used...Between 0.1% and 0.2% of live births are ambiguous enough to become the subject of specialist medical attention, including surgery.... According to Fausto-Sterling's definition of intersex, on the other hand, 1.9 percent of human births are intersex....“ While male and female stand on the extreme ends of a biological continuum, there are many bodies... evidently mix together anatomical components conventionally attributed to both males and females...children who are born "either/or-neither/both" ... usually disappear from view because doctors "correct" them right away with surgery...According to Leonard Sax the prevalence of intersex "restricted to those conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex, or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female" is about 0.018%.

Regardless of prevalence, if it was one out of a million, babies should not be forced into surgeries that attempt to change their gender and deprive them of future sexual pleasure, and result in pain, dysfunction, and infection risks.  It's ethically wrong, and antihumanistic - as bad, or worse, than the concept of female genital mutilation.  In the struggles for equality, LGBTQ people should always iembrace intersex people as equals, who has experienced as great mistreatment as any of us and deserve better.

It's also not a one-way benefit.  LGBTQ people also benefit from the experiences and ethical issues of intersex people.   You can debate whether other LGBT people are "born that way" or "choose" or both, until the cows come home.  But Intersex people are clearly "born that way" and add significantly to the conversation.

I've written on inclusion before - the Advocate editorial was a meaningful 1st person account, so I wanted to share it.

On the issue of nontheism / theism - what would "god" have in mind, defining sexes as one or the other, creating laws and punishments for people who don't meet his sexual rules, then creating people who don't fall into either category?  What a mean and stupid deity.

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