I always believed that in the context of current events, the words gay Christian were oxymoronic.  Being gay or bisexual is quintessentially pagan.  Remember, Gibbon teaches that it was not Roman orgies that destroyed that vast empire but the destruction of paganism and Constantine's decree that Mithras would be replaced by Jesus.  (He then went out and slaughtered about 80 bishops, those who followed the "heretic," Arius, whose only sin was to claim, as did the Gnostics, that Jesus was never made flesh: he was too holy to be so degraded.)  The theological implications of this should be obvious.  But the joke here is on the Jesus Freaks all the same: Isis was the husband of Osiris, who died and was resurrected like you know who.  As was Tammuz.  As was Attis.  As was...oh, well, you get the idea.  The baptism in Mithras' worship was a bath by the blood of a bull.  The celebrant stood under a platform where the animal was led to that its blood could be let, then to splash down on the celebrant below.  The sacramental wine had origins in the Greco-Roman myths of Bacchus and Dionysus, and so forth.  Every major religion was a syncretism of the religions that had gone before.  God, forgive them for they know not what they do! 

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The words gay christian are oxymoronic but I don't agree that being gay or bisexual is quintessentially pagan.

My only thought about Gibbons teaching is that Romes decline can be viewed as a slow process over centuries, syncretic religions and all.

I would take a bath in bulls blood to get tickets to the colosseum any day.

What I meant when I said that being gay or bisexual is quintessentially pagan is with reference to sexuality.  Gays in particular push the envelope when it comes to matters sexual.  When one of those moronic Christers on TV rants about homosexual men having 2,000 partners in a lifetime, gays should embrace the compliment, celebrating their prowess and durability.  (Perhaps, like Tailgunner Joe, the same critic will, tomorrow, say it is 987; next week, 1,874.  The point is, the devout Christer and McCarthy are cut from the same cloth.) The devout Christer, on the other hand, only has sex in the missionary position, only with his wife, and only for the purposes of procreation. 

Now do you get my meaning?  When I think of gay and bisexual people, I think of satyrs and fauns and such: the pagan world, where sex was itself a celebration -- of the gods (plural).  I believe that lgbt people are more inclined to Dionysian pursuits; monotheists, Apollonian (in the prudish sense of that term).  I "get" Gibbon: it was the imposition of monotheism that destroyed Rome.  Christeranity is a crutch that weakens the will and saps the resolve, allowing as it always does a cop out reliance on "God's" will.  How many times have you heard some Christer who lost say, "I guess God didn't want me to win that contest." To paraphrase Nietzsche (probably badly), Christeranity is the worst disaster to befall our species since the dawn of Man.

P.S. The Christers who inflate/conflate gay prowess are subconsciously jealous.  Wouldn't you be?  Orgasm is the complete absence of all mundane and quotidian concerns; it is enthusiasmos.  A properly had orgasm takes you out of this world.  Read the tantrics.


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