Jodie Foster reveals she's gay

Jodie Foster came out without really coming out, and suggested she was retiring from acting without exactly saying so, in a long, breathless and rambling speech at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards.

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I tend to agree with Michelangelo Signorile on that one - It's a complicated piece that's too nuanced for me to try to summarize.  If she came out without coming out, it doesn't sound to me like she really came out.  Unless she came out.

She did come out, but she did also ramble and said that she had been out for a long time.  she also talked about privacy.  I think if you want privacy you become an accountant.  Publicity and your life being under the microscope is what acting and Hoolywood are all about.  If being gay is to be "private" that indicates that there is something of which to be ashamed.  I realize that things were different years ago, but we are living in a time when actors are coming out all of the time and still getting work.

Now waiting for John Travolta and Tom Cruise to come out together and tell us they have been in love with each other for decades and out for a long time.  TomJohn - or is it Cruisolta? -  will be in the headlines for hours!

Glad she came out.

As an out gay, I found the whole thing irritating.  She needs to get over herself.

Dr. K,

I only watched a bit of the speech, on the web.  It seemed both spacey and smug.  Plus, I also wanted to say, get over it.  This was like, say, me coming out as Caucasian.  What, she didn't know that everyone already knew?

Smug is correct.  I was not at all impressed.  She must think she is pretty clever.

Hasn't she been out since at least 2002, at least quietly?




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