According to John Hagee of the sepulchral Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, gay people in loving, committed, all-but-legally-marital relationships are nevertheless still sick and disordered.

... and we're not supposed to take offense to this?

The bigots are only going to get louder the closer we get to full marriage equality in the United States, and we need to be ready for their vitriol. They know this is a losing battle, but they're determined to go out fighting and spread as much lies and misinformation as they can; poisoning the well before they're rendered completely irrelevant.

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The Big Book of Jewish and Christian Fairy Tales also says, "Do no suffer a witch to live." Exodus 22:18 I suppose Hagee believes in witches too. You know, on second thought, that dumbass probably does.

My ultraconservative parents believe in witches, the occult, and that the powers of darkness will seduce anyone who doesn't have their head buried in the Bible and their eyes shut tight in prayer. Growing up, we lived in a constant state of vigilance against Satan and his deceptions. One of their favorite reference books was Phil Phillips' 1986 Turmoil in the Toy Box. It's just sad how much energy people waste.

Reminds me of my mom, to be quite honest. When my sister and I pressed her, she admitted that the reason she is so uncomfortable with the Twilight series is that she believes that vampires are real, and that popular fiction is Satan's trap to get young people to worship him.

[sigh] Reality disconnect ... see above.

I, too, have met people like that. A friend's house burnt to the ground a few years ago, and the Red Cross arranged temporary shelter for her and her family in a house owned by a church.  As I was helping my friend move what few possessions she had into this place, a woman from the church said she could watch anything she wanted on TV, except "monster movies." The reason she gave was that the demons would come into the house through the TV screen, a la "Poltergeist." Yes folks. They walk among us.

But why can't they just look like crazy people?

Oh ... so she can watch all the porn she wants, eh?  But no Godzilla vs. Mothra.

I suspect some of these people couldn't SPELL "logic," never mind know what it is.

There were actually Biblical passages painted on various walls around the house. My absolute favorite was John 8:36 in the bathroom, where you could read it while taking a dump. 

"Be Free, dump, Be FREE!"  :D

Er... Hm... This is a reply to Pat's other comment, but the comments only nest so many layers!

Newt Gingrich has had 2 divorces, but the Catholic church considers his Marriage valid.    Which makes his children by his first marriage illegitimate, but his current marriage isn't producing any spawn of little Newtlets, at least yet.  Go figure.

They sometimes say even if a couple is infertile, god could do a miracle thing and make them fertile.  Like he did Moses and Sarah who were elderly.  But if god can being the dead to life, he could also make a gay couple pregnant.  A miracle is just the making reality of the impossible.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with divorce or homosexuality or races other than their own. I can't even imagine living with someone for 50 years. Well, I am no paragon of virtue, but I don't want to be married at all. Marriage is an institution of no use unless there are children, then there should be a contract that both parents will share social and financial responsibility to raise them to maturity. Individuals change, partnerships change. No big deal. Getting untangled can be a mess, but of even more importance, marriage gives each partner rights that other family members cannot violate. Daniel's story is a perfect example of that. 

Hagee may be right about 'Two Disturbed People Playing House', but I would say that statement applies to married couples, period. The question is, does a marriage empower each one to flourish? If yes, then by all means, marriage is a healthy thing, but if no, a disturbed woman and man being married makes for hell on earth



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