Kentucky Seeks to Legalize Discrimination Against Gays Based on Rel...

Pending legislation in Kentucky could pave the way for increased discrimination against LGBT people.

A pending bill in the Kentucky state legislature could pave the way for increased discrimination against LGBT people. Patheos notes that human rights groups are going to battle against a bill that would allow residents to sidestep anti-discrimination laws if they pointed to “sincerely” held “religious beliefs” that justify their actions.

The bill is sponsored by a conservative Democrat and has already passed the State Senate. The legislation would boost someone’s ability to “ignore state regulations or laws that contradict his or her ‘sincerely held’ religious beliefs,”...

Would this law apply to people whose sincere religious beliefs were racist, or antisemitic, or anti-Christian, or anti-woman. Could a Muslim owner of an amusement park legally encourage enforcers to beat women in his park who were not completely covered by a burka?

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And on the same day that the MN Senate Judiciary Committee passes a bill that would legalize marriage equality in Minnesota...

Phenomenal.  That "sincerely held religious beliefs" phrase is the same crap that Michigan tried to put into an anti-bullying bill (which would have effectively decimated any efficacy for that bill).  The hell of it is that in a backwater state like Kentucky, it's entirely possible that such a bill would pass.

About the only hope in the midst of all of this is that SCOTUS reviews both DoMA and the California Prop 8 cases and relatively soon ... and rules against both DoMA and Prop 8.  That will at least be the start of rolling back some of this state-based nonsense.

It's marvelous, the ancestors of those people who left Europe to escape religious persicution are now starting the same shit here that their ancesters ran from. let's face it most religion is the result of "unintelligent design".  These are people who believe in an all seeing and all knowing invisable sky fairy who they have never seen and who they imagine talks to them from inside their head.  Of course this head voice tells them that the sky fairy has instructed them to hate all the exact things they want to hate.  Looks as if evolution is stuck in reverse.

There are some more good comments in the discussion in Atheist News:

"Religious beliefs could trump state law: Kentucky bill on fast trac..."

My understanding is that under the new bill, the state would have to prove a "compelling governmental interest" served by the nondiscrimination laws or regulations, or whatever laws/regs the religionist is flouting -- as opposed to the mere "rational basis" that would justify most laws. This could subject laws religionists don't like to lengthy challenges and delays, even if they're ultimately upheld. (I Am Not A Lawyer.)

Kentucky's governor vetoed the bill, supporting its general intentions but concerned about unintended consequences.

The Kentucky legislature overwhelmingly overrode the governor's veto Tuesday night, by 79-15 in the House and 32-6 in the Senate.


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