Please watch the following:

I had heard something about a "school" in the Dominican Republic which was aimed at "gay conversion," but not much else was forthcoming until I saw the above.  That any parent would do this to their own children is utterly and absolutely despicable.

On the Kidnapped for Christ website there is a link to write your Congressperson and Senators about this issue.  Please use it ... because this travesty needs to be stopped NOW.

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A law that (for example) allows for public schools to teach about the Bible as an influential literary and cultural work doesn't explicitly break down Jefferson's wall of separation of church and state -- but why only the Christian Bible, and not other important scriptures? Maybe, just maybe there's a strong expectation that Christianist school boards and judges will turn a blind eye to the promotion and proselytizing that will are virtually certain to happen in those classes?

Worth repeating: Project Blitz... and its supporters need to be called out in boldface for their attempts to subvert our secular government.

Yes, GC. why only the xian holy book?

The judges who feared an xian backlash created the “civil religion” exception so any law that prefers xianity over other religions or no religion should fail an egg-on-the-judge’s-face test.


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