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I had heard something about a "school" in the Dominican Republic which was aimed at "gay conversion," but not much else was forthcoming until I saw the above.  That any parent would do this to their own children is utterly and absolutely despicable.

On the Kidnapped for Christ website there is a link to write your Congressperson and Senators about this issue.  Please use it ... because this travesty needs to be stopped NOW.

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I saw this story posted on another website.  Yes, this practice is not only horribly disturbing but also shocking that it is occurring in the 21st century.  

You may have noticed a clear trend in recent years among the anti-gay homophobes here in the United States.  They are having to take their ideology of hate and vile rhetoric and actions out of this country in order to continue their cause.  Look at the damage they've done to the continent of Africa and to Russia.  They have managed to greatly influence and transform anti-gay sentiment and political policy in other countries in ways that would never happen here in the U.S.  Clearly, they are directly responsible for contributing to the violation of basic human rights worldwide.  And now this in the Dominican Republic.  It angers me to no end. 

Carl, this is an old post of yours; we have not heard from you in ever so long. I hope you are growing healthier as you struggle with your transplant. 

And that was an old post, Joan, dated August of 2014.  I just threw some new stuff down below when Steve Shives commented on this movie.

I realize it is a 2014 post from Carl, I only hoped he would see a jingle and respond. I would love to know if he survived. 

More Christian Love™ I guess. 

From where I sit, this has multiple expressions.  First and foremost, it is the expression of, as Daniel put it, "christian love," in its most pernicious form.  It's also an expression of the desperation that such associated christian sects are experiencing as their influence and power begins to wane.  They strike at the weak, those who are ill-equipped to defend themselves, like minors in the hands of indoctrinated adults who should know better and don't.  Depending on the diplomatic relationship between the US and the Dominican Republic, the repercussions of this "school" will be unfortunate at the very least.  When it is traced back to its roots, which are very likely back stateside, I would not want to be anyone associated even in the slightest measure with that organization.

These people haven't figured out yet that the tide has shifted against them ... and it's already too late for them to do anything about it.

These people don't see this issue as a mere shift in tide.  In their eyes they are fighting a holy battle that must be won at any cost.  They will not give up until they are literally dead in the grave. 

I'll stipulate that, too, Carl.  A long time ago, I stated in a blog that I thought this whole business could turn into a knock-down, drag-out, Pier Six brawl, and it may yet,depending on how reasonable their side is willing to be.  The problem, of course, was pointed out long before either of us was born:

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
-- Voltaire

Meantime, I just watched the second hour of Mea Maxima Culpa on HBO this morning, in lieu of CBS Sunday Morning ... and got pissed off all over again.  What religion does to our children is unconscionable, yet it goes on and on and it seems as though no one but the victims and those closest to them do anything about it.

Meantime, Steve Shives just held forth today about Kidnapped for Christ, and his estimate of the film is as positive as his opinion regarding gay conversion therapy is negative:

Also, this just in from Americans United:

Project Blitz is a coordinated national effort to codify a far-right, evangelical Christian America

Project Blitz is part of a larger national trend to redefine religious liberty as a sword used to harm others instead of a shield that protects people. Its organizers' strategy is to pass an increasingly ambitious set of state laws, starting with bills that require prominently displaying “In God We Trust” and establishing Bible classes in public schools and escalating to laws that would permit religion to be used to justify discrimination.

Watch this video to learn more about Project Blitz:

Yeah, Project Blitz has been around for a bit, and there is NOTHING about it that I like.  It and its supporters need to be called out in boldface for their attempts to subvert our secular government.


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