It's pray away the (Jewish) Gay. 

Most excellent! I support the SPLC and in fact became a supporting member upon learning that they have been putting anti-lbgt/queer hate groups on a list, something law enforcement and the courts can monitor to learn, e.g. that Scott Lively, the homophobic, hateful “attorney” once co-wrote a David Bartonesque book about Hitler being a homosexual and extending the argument into a libelous claim that the Holocaust ultimately lies at the feet of all gay people — almost as atrocious a claim as the Blood Libel, which really was a Nazi atrocity. That the SPLC would practice what I like to call “creative lawyering” and come up with the notion of using a state’s deceptive trade practices law to deprive these Jewish reparative “therapists” is astonishing, but it will not be a shoestring lawsuit. The Law Center deserves your Holiday donations. Among the other things they may be expected to prove is that current neuro-biological data suggests gays are born, not made: that, in fact, all persons in the lgbt/queer spectrum of colors, like Joseph’s Coat, were put on earth by “God.” (I do not care whether God is the imaginary entity you may believe in or something like my own. For my own God, I choose DNA.) The upshot, of course, is that lgbt/queer people can hardly be abominations according to a hoary book written five thousand years ago by the warlord of a desert tribe somewhere in the Levant.

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SPLC is doing great work.  I am in awe of them.



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