Interesting article from Huffpost.    The video was also interesting, watching the author speak in her own voice.


The issue of "what do we call ourselves" has come up extensively in the past, with long discussions.  Different people are active today.  My personal view is that a simple, pronouncable, easily identified term is what I like.  Unfortunately, "LGBT" is not inclusive of many people who are "nonstraight" in either their anatomy, their expression or their identification.  It's also impossible to please everyone with our terminology.  Plus, it's political to list even who comes first, 2nd, 3rd.....  Defining in opposition to "straight" (ie, "nonstrainght" or "queer") also gives me pause.


Sometimes I think a completely new word needs to be coined or taken over, without so much baggage.  Kind of like the term "Brights".  But I think it's for the next generation to choose.  Maybe we should do away with western alphanumericcentricity and choose a chinese character such as 寕, (ning) meaning "Peaceful".  (then we would get into arguments stating that we are NOT peaceful).   Or follow the example of the star formerly known as prince and use a nonpronouncable symbol.

We could identify ourselves as "the people formerly known as "LGBT". And there's the swoosh.  See that and most people know it's "nike".


Maybe Agápe (ἀγάπη) meaning "unconditional love" in modern day Greek (wikipedia).  "We are agápe".  That's kind of inclusive.  I think we should include the accent, just to annoy people.  Plus, without the accent, "agape" means "wide open" - dictionary meaning "as with the mouth wide open".  Well, maybe that's not the best term.  Christians use the term agápe to indicate god's unconditional love for humans - it would really piss them off to use the term agápe for LGBT people.

Or Mettā, from Theravadin Buddhist, meaning loving-kindness.  Are LGBT people loving-kind?  Maybe take the name of "Arjuna", the unbeatable ambidextrous warrior.... maybe not, he had 4 wives.

Just a saturday morning ramble.  Have a great winter day!

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