Saw this while browsing the net, waiting for my toast to pop up at breakfast.  It's a chart showing which US states accept rights for all, and which don't.  Illinois here. One of the three in the Midwest that extend rights to all citizens.

Spoiler alert. The Northeast is by far the most enlightened, while the Southeast is by far the most... Well, check it out.

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That's a damned good graphic, Pat.  Thanks for putting that up here.

Thanks for this chart. It is enlightening to see how different the districts are. Washington state appears enlightened, even as we have pockets of unashamed bigotry.

I reposted on Twitter with attribution to you. 

Glad you like it Joan. Even though I live in Illinois, one of the more enlightened Midwestern States. I see the bigotry around me every day. Can't wait for the day when we don't need these charts, as all will be equal.

Thanks Pat.

I imagine a map of the US showing religiosity would have similar patterns.

I use to think it would be interesting to live in the Southeast. If not for the racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, reactionarism, christianism, and kudzu.

I've been through the South, and no thanks on residing there.  I'm close enough in Southern Illinois - a 45 minute drive to either Missouri or Kentucky. Living any further south, I would need a frontal lobotomy and a bottle in front of me just to survive.

As to kudzu, I realize this stuff will devour whole forests,but it does do a great job of stopping soil erosion. More than you can say about a lot of the residents down there.

My history is of having loved and lived with a couple of expatriates from the South.  True, the key word is probably expatriates.  But I visited family, was graciously welcomed, and included as family until - in one case - my partner died.  To be honest, I never did better with Northerners.  I know that's a very limited sampling, and it was not white Southerners at that, but life isn't a randomized double-blind controlled study.

Also, I've read that Atlanta is the US Capital of gay African American culture.  Not NY, and not San Francisco, and not Chicago.  So that's something.  I think the racial lines there are also somewhat firmly drawn, with only occasional people who stray across them.  But not being there, I can't say.

Still, I get your point.  It's a very difficult culture for anyone who doesn't fit in.  Some subcultures, or some individuals, as I found, can be very welcoming.  But that's a few raisins in a large bowl of grits.

I spent a week in New Orleans a few years ago.  As a vegetarian, Cajun food, as made there, limited me to eating at a Thai place.  The irony.



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