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The article is primarily related to racism but briefly also mentions homophobia.  The research data refers to correlation, no causation.  I'm not sure how it can be translated into practical terms - when dealing with racist and homophobic people, we should probably speak slowly, and not use big words?

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For this you need a news story?

No shit, Sherlock!!!

Bigots are stupid. More at 11.

Bigots are dumb, says the Center For Studying Really Obvious Things. 


I agree with you on the no causation.  I can think of dozens of correlating circumstances.

...says the Center For Studying Really Obvious Things.


Bwahahahaha! I am SO gonna steal that. Lol.

If they bigots are born that way, is it wrong to speak ill of them?  

What's this? The "born that way" excuse? Everyone knows its a choice.

I don't remember signing up on a list to be born privileged and somewhat smart, so I try to keep that in mind when dealing with dumb people.  Being dumb isn't anything to make fun of or speak ill about.  But they become fair game when they hurt or even seek to hurt others because of how fucking dumb they are.

Sorry.  I couldn't resist that.

I agree with you.

On a more serious note, how about a study looking at empathy as it relates to either intelligence or relative liberalism/conservatism.  Anyone want to bet on a similar correlation?

Some of the best people I know are complete morons. That in of itself is no excuse.

Yes -- I can see that.



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