This via the always worth reading Hemant Mehta and his Friendly Atheist blog.

The gist of the article is Progressive Christian leader Jim Wallis, founder of the group "Sojourners" , labeled "Christians for Justice and Peace” has given a lukewarm, belated, reluctant nod to marriage equality, sort of.

Mehta's take"  He wavered. He was silent when we could have used him. He took a “neutral” stance that might as well have been pure opposition. He proved that, even on some major social issues, “progressive” Christians are hardly an improvement from people who do nothing at all.

So much for christian tolerance and leadership.  So self-labeled Progressive Christians can pat themselves on the back and claim to be inclusive, and not prejudiced against LGBT people, I guess.

I know there is  survey evidence suggesting growing support for LGBT equality, among many christian demographic groups.  I wonder if the leaders are being led by the followers.  Hardly an idea coming from "christianity" - more that "christianity" is being influenced by secular ideas of equality and fairness, and secular folks taking christians by the hand and showing them what their bible really says about a lot of things.

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I see it as Christians learning to interpret the amazingly self-contradictory bible, that can be used to support just about anything, to better agree with the conscience -- based on empathy, compassion, and reason -- available to all of us.

I imagine continued experience and pressure will move more progressive christians to a supportive point of view.  All of that pressure form secularists, since christians have so little knowledge or insight into their own biblical basis.  

Either that, or they will give up nonmarital sex, go back to their original spouses and quit living in sin with the subsequent spouses, return to the 7th day sabbath, quit celebrating the pagan christmas, give up idolatry, eat a biblical appropriate diet, etc.  Naaah.  No way.



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