We've all heard it at one point or another: "The Gay Agenda," and how gays are pushing it onto decent American society.  Oh, and "The Gay Lifestyle" as well.  And yet no one that I know of has ever seen this "gay agenda" in print, to look at it, analyze it and expose it for what it is.

Up until NOW, that is!  It would seem that L. Z. Granderson somehow managed to lay his hands on a hard copy of the gay agenda, and he lays it all out for a very exclusive TED audience.

Give a listen.

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It's such an insidious agenda too... and those opening words... so chilling... "We the people..."

What shameless audacity, that those gays expect the Blessings of Liberty the same as everyone else. Shocking. Simply shocking.

You mean it doesn't say, "We, the White Heterosexual Male Landowners...?"

Oh, that's clearly what Madison intended by "People." They couldn't have women or slaves running the country! What would the world come to??

Well I did my part to spread the word about this nefarious agenda.  I shared it on facebook.

Ooooo, I gots a co-conspirator! [GRIN!]

Many thanks, Susan!

Glad to help. LOL!

Granderson is my next husband.  He just doesn't know it yet.

You have good taste

Thank you.  His current husband might object.  I will have to stick to admiration from afar.

Thanks for the video Loren I have heard people use that phrase "gay agenda" - usually its the fundamental xtians.




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