I'd maybe dredge up something kind to say here but really can't be bothered enough to care.

The Chief Vogoness herself is apparently putting away her bigoted quill of hate (for now), evidently because those wicked gays have quenched her little gruntbuggly hopes of once again making homosexuality a crime in the United States. Or at least making sure that we stay second-class citizens in the country where we pay taxes like every other American.


What confounds me most are these paragraphs, as quoted in the Advocate article:

"Without a powerful ideal of masculinity that points men toward marriage and fatherhood, more and more young men are deciding the hard work of becoming marriageable is not worth it: Porn, beer, video games with the guys, freedom and fleeting sexual encounters are good enough.

"Men and women are different. A society that pretends otherwise is not going to raise boys to be loving, reliable family men. Marriage is about settling for less but raising up an ideal much bigger and more important even than the most urgent whispered promises of romantic love."

So apparently where a man is supposed to spend his time away from earning a living is with the wife and kids? If this is Maggie's ideal of marriage, then she can have it. It's almost as bad as Catholic priests who know nothing about sex (aside from his occasional alter boy or orphan) giving advice to married couples about what they do in bed.

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Gruntbuggly indead!  Ms. Gallagher is indeed a corpulent infestation of hate and lies.  I'm sure she'll hibernate for a while under a rock, or inside a cave, somewhere, absorbing fungal secretions and spores, and some day emerge regenerated and once more finding fora for her emanations.  Meanwhile, we can celebrate that fewer people are interested in her, than she had hoped.

It's nice of her to proclaim, without any supportive evidence, that "men and women are different" (well, duh), meaning that unless we follow her model for relationships, we cant raise good fathers.  I wonder if this is her veiled  message to her son, "get married, Junior!"?

What's her take on young women, that in the degenerated society that she claims we are heading into,  they have children outside marriage (as she did) and pursue prestigious higher education (as she did), and careers on their own (as she did), and do not save virginity for marriage (as she didn't)?  



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