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This has always outraged me.  What is the purpose of being able to test blood? 

I had a friend who used to lie about being gay because he knew he was healthy, and he wanted to donate blood.

Given the extraordinary amount of men on the Down Low, no one could ever be sure of a person's sexual activity through a question sheet.  As I have told many hets, concerning this subject, how do I know who you have slept with and who they have slept with, and who is taking drugs, etc?

I think most of us know that people will lie about their sexual history.  I would never be receiving blood if I had to depend on the honesty of others.  I want to rely on true scientific testing.

This gay ban is political and nothing else.  Common sense tells you that testing of the blood is the only protection.  Let's stop the discrimination of those who are honest about their sexuality.  

A stupid decision made by frightened people who can't be bothered to think objectively, never mind pragmatically.  How many lives were lost or could have been extended because perfectly good organs were not used, solely because of the sexual orientation of the donor?

Stupid, stupid, STUPID.

Let's face it, as transplants go.  If you were given the choice of death during the next month or a transplant from an HIV positive person and the chance of a reasonable life albeit HIV positive how many would reject the last hope provided by the transplant. 

They bitch about not having enough blood doners but they have so many exclusios.  I had TB when I was 26, got over it and have had no problem since but the don't want mine.  Surprise, I'm 79 and still here and very healthy.  I have not even tried but as a MTF Trans-woman who identifies lesbian they would not allow me in the door. 

The world may one day wake up to all the hatred and prejudice dictated by some idiot with a book who says they are in direct contact with some mythical being.  I don't think I will ever live long enough to see it.  I just wonder how many more people will loose their lives over this silliness?

I guess the fear is HIV infection too early to detect?  

From the article it sounds like there is consideration to change the rules.

What makes me sad is this 23 year old young man committed suicide.   From his obit, "Rocky packed many achievements, awards, laughter, fun, volunteer hours, jobs, adventures and giving into his short life. Rocky lit up the room when he entered it and was always the life of the party. He took great pride in his Ivey Business School Degree and his recent hiring at his dream job at Proctor & Gamble. He will be missed by the many people he touched with a “Rocky” moment."

It's upsetting that his organs won't be used to help someone else.  It's also sad to me that he killed himself.  I remember (somewhat) being 23 years old.  It's not always a good time.

When I first saw the title to the post, my initial thought was probably somewhere in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, etc. But, are you kidding me, Canada?!!!

Gee, how nice to know there's idiots north of the US border (I say sardonically).



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