Probably not safe for work due to nudity, but I think not pornographic either.  Imagery that honors mature gay men.

Often the biggest enemy of gay men's self esteem, is gay men.  These images are artful, respectful, and pay homage to the older gay man, way outside the usual mindset.  

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Hey, SD, paging through it now.  Some nice stuff.  I might even subscribe.  If I have a criticism, it's in how many bearded / bear-types they seem to lean on in the portraiture.

Loren, most gay imagery is so narrow.  I've almost never seen something I could relate to.  At this point in my life, in some of those images, at least on the surface, I can see myself.  It's a good feeling.

There is some racial diversity.  Also often missing, or limited, in a lot of gay imagery.  I want to see more of that.



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