The following words are not mine, though I wish they were.  My wife found this brief piece, accompanying a picture of the Palins [gag-retch!] picking up their order at Chick-fil-A.  I thought the person making this observation did a better than average job of showing off some of the hidden and not-so-hidden things we're supporting when we take ANY action, let alone make a run to the local fast-food joint.

That said, submitted for your approval:


It's funny how people support more pro-gay companies by trying to show their support for a single anti-gay company.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft likely designed the O/S on the smartphone used to take pictures at Chick-fil-A today. 

These pictures were likely uploaded (using an Apple, Google, or Microsoft product) to the major social networks, Facebook and Twitter, over one of the major cellular networks, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T.

The Customers probably purchased a beverage with their meal, which was provided by Coca-Cola, the only beverage products available at Chick-fil-A.

If they used a credit/debit card to purchase their meal, they more than likely used a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card.

If they drove there, there is a high probability they used a car produced by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors or Toyota.

What do all these companies, besides, Chick-fil-A have in common?  They are all PRO-GAY.  So if you want to support the anti-gay bigots, you're better off staying at home doing absolutely nothing.  But make sure you aren't using a computer to share your opinions, as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Alan Turing, was a homosexual.

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Thanks for sharing that, it brought a smile to my face!

Nicely said. The Turing reference is particularly poignant, considering how he was thrown under the proverbial bus by his country after basically helping Britain win World War II.

And how many Christians frequent stores like Target and J.C. Penny, buy online from Amazon, purchase brand items from General Mills and Levi's, brush their teeth with Crest or Colgate, and get their daily Starbucks fix? And for how many of them is Google their default email and Internet search provider? We'll see how far their devotion goes when more companies start coming out in favor of GLBT and marriage equality.

After Procter & Gamble released their gay rights adverts I mused that we'll soon be able to tell the anti-gay crowd by how shabby or poorly washed they'll look. However, chances are that some Christian company will come out with "family-friendly alternatives" (i.e., anti-gay friendly) for necessities: Christian breakfast cereal, Christian toothpaste, Christian laundry detergent, Christian credit cards... well, I could go on and on. But that's the mentality many of them have.

One of Hitchens' fondest wishes was to disassociate faith from virtue.  Such action would be at least a step if not several steps in that direction.  As more people become freethinkers and christians insulate themselves further from what would become the mainstream, the time might arrive when christianity would be nothing more than a minority cult, rather like Robert Heinlein imagined them in an alternative universe in Job: A Comedy of Justice.

The notable difference would be that they would likely get far better treatment from the majority atheists than atheists got from them when christianity was the supposed default position and majority.

Irony, irony.

W'har do I get me some-o-that thar Jesus Christ brand toothpaste, anti-plaque formula? Jesus will wash away your sins AND whiten teeth!

Available in the personal hygiene section (around the corner from corsets and chastity belts) wherever fine, upstanding, God-fearing, family-friendly, totally-non-homophobic products are sold. Just look for the giant cross, the white picket fence, and the smell of heterosexual desperation.

Got it!

You might have to do without the anti-plaque formula though. That might violate some prohibition in Leviticus. Or something.

That's cool... I don't really believe in plaque anyway. I think plaque may be something cooked up by the liberal media to distract us from socialism.

Or from Obama's birth certificate. And socialism.

I can't stand the smell of heterosexual desperation.  I guess I'm a bigot.



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