The contents of the article are the general impression I've had for quite some time.  The standard bearers of libertarianism - the Paul father and son - not Saint Paul, the other ones -  have seemed homophobic to me for a long time.  The libertarian attitude of, it's ok to discriminate, it's your business so you can do what you want to, also stands out as not LGBT supportive. 


The article states it better than I could.  The concluding paragraph provides some balance, as well.


"Now, there is a spirited debate within the libertarian ranks as to many of these issues. Many libertarians are very supportive of the LGBT community and suspicious of the religious right. They are more interested getting government out of the way, whatever the consequences might be. But the libertarian movement that is capturing political attention today is much more a pick-and-choose type of philosophy: easy to agree with principles when they support what you want, and easy to discard them when they don’t."


That "pick and choose" concept sounds like some other religious I could mention.

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Libertarians oppose government programs that would help LGBT people. Over 40% of homeless youth are LGBT (and are homeless BECAUSE they are LGBT). Libertarians would do away with public shelters for these kids. Some LGBT people are disabled due to physical or mental health issues, Libertarians would end the Social Security program that would sustain those who can not work due to disability. Some LGBT people walk on sidewalks, Libertarians do not want the public to pay for sidewalk maintenance. As a longtime member of the LGBT community, and as a disabled person who walks on sidewalks, I am terrified of the Libertarian marketing scam that promises things to LGBT people and pot smokers while not being honest about their true goal, which is the dismantling of government.



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