Following a whirlwind of controversy and a few weeks in the headlines, Brendan Eich is resigning as Mozilla's chief executive officer.

Eich had only been chief of the company behind popular web browser Firefox for a very brief term. Mozilla had been searching for a new CEO since Gary Kovacs, who came on-board in 2010, departed almost a year ago.

But it soon came to light, or rather resurfaced, that Eich had made a $1,000 donation to the campaign supporting Proposition 8 amid the 2008 Presidential election.

Prop. 8 sought to ban same-sex marriage in California.

Although he initially rebuffed criticism about his donations and politics, Eich soon expressed sorrow "at having caused pain" to Firefox users offended by his donation.

Those sentiments weren't nearly enough for Internet users and even Mozilla's board members alike -- three of whom were initially reported to have jumped ship over Eich's appointment.

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More good news.  Slowly but surely, being publicly bigoted as regards homosexuality is becoming less and less acceptable in the stratosphere of industry, as evinced by Mr. Eich's departure from Mozilla.  I don't see this as just being a gesture toward the PC crowd, either.  While I have no hard figures to cite, there is little doubt in my mind that the ranks of IT personnel and software engineers who may work at places like Mozilla are rife with those of alternative sexualities, which were targeted by Prop 8.  This is far more about amenable working conditions and attitudes and employee rights than it is about political correctness, something which Eich has learned the hard way.

Here's hoping the lessons continue.

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Thanks for the news on this Loren.

I can just imagine being LGBT and working with Eich as my boss. Knowing that he actively promotes discrimination outside the workplace, and is not forthright about it, what does that say about what my work environment will be like?

To me this isn't about enforcing political correctness either. It's about having a safe and fair workplace for employees, and about people who use the Mozilla product feeling they are not supporting a company that supports discrimination against them.




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