Saw this topic on Huffpost and googled.


I'm not a TV watcher so I hope someone can correct me on this.


Huffpost.  " gaycism is "the wrongheaded idea that having gay characters gives you carte blanche to cut PC corners elsewhere." so on TV shows featuring gay characters, they have the gay characters make racist statements, or have racial stereotypes, for cheap humor?  also " thinks he's entitled to say whatever he pleases because he's been oppressed, so he's allowed to oppress other people and call it being an "equal opportunity offender." He's earned the right to be a racist, insensitive asshole..."

*  "Gay male humor has historically been predicated on an irreverent disdain for propriety—which, in this day and age, has apparently come to include the gleeful bashing of ethnic minorities."


I can't say how angry this makes me at so many levels.  I know it could be a minority within a minority.  I know there is racism within the LGBT community, just as there is homophobia and antigay bigotry in various ethnic communities.  But I can't even be articulate about this, it pisses me off so bad.


I'm really, really, really glad I don't watch TV.  And that includes the LGBT "Must See TV" of Glee and The New Normal.  


Gaycism.  Jesus Christ, people.  Grow the fuck up.

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