Without fanfare, Obama advances transgender rights

President Barack Obama ... has steadily extended his administration's advocacy to... transgender Americans.

... " Obama became the first chief executive to say "transgender" in a speech, to name transgender political appointees and to prohibit job bias against transgender government workers. Also in his first term, he signed hate crime legislation that became the first federal civil rights protections for transgender people in U.S. history.

Since then, the administration has quietly applied the power of the executive branch to make it easier for transgender people to update their passports, obtain health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, get treatment at Veteran's Administration facilities and seek access to public school restrooms and sports programs — just a few of the transgender-specific policy shifts of Obama's presidency.

"He has been the best president for transgender rights, and nobody else is in second place," Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said of Obama, who is the only president to invite transgender children to participate in the annual Easter egg roll at the White House.

The latest wins came this month, when the Office of Personnel Management announced that government-contracted health insurers could start covering the cost of gender reassignment surgeries for federal employees, retirees and their survivors, ending a 40-year prohibition. Two weeks earlier, a decades-old rule preventing Medicare from financing such procedures was overturned within the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Note: The PGN article didn't mention any transgendered children attending the egg roll. It said "more than 100 same-sex families" participated.

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The Gerrymandered Obstructionist Potty (a Skid-O-Can) will say "that n----r is probly a homo himself, didyou see the National Enquirer thing about ol' Michele being a dyke and those childred adopted? Sumbitch claims he 'evolved' in his opinion of fairies gettin' married 'n' all, shit, that sumbitch was all for that sick shit before he turned it into the Black House. It's evolved all right, meanin' he's an atheist socialist communist fascist who believes in evolution."

Don't tell me ... he has dishpan hands, too, right?

Of course not. He wears rubber gloves. Any smart housewife knows that. You see all of these gay boys calling their spouses their "husband"? Neither Obama nor I can figure out if this doesn't make the other person the wife? It apparently doesn't bother Obama, but that is because he is a Kenyan. But it bothers me because I hate to think of those gays having to take all that make up and stuff off at night when they go to sleep after sex. And the one who dresses up as the wife is always going limp in the wrist and saying "Mary!" this and "Mary" that. And don't you know they have an agenda to convert little Billy to their abnormal and perverted ways?

Love the pic.

Me, too. Every homophobe's nightmare.

Obsma is the best president ever for all LGBT people. He needs to add Intersex in there too of course.

That doensnt mean we cant call him onto the carpet when he does someting obnoxious, like tapping German chsncelor's phones or something. But I never thought I eould live to see things advance this far.




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