Starting this with, I'm not convinced there was a historical Jesus at all, or even a historical Nazareth where the historical Jesus of Nazareth would have lived - but  it's interesting to read about what some speculate about the gay Jesus.


Jesus was actively gay.

this disciple was "lying in (on) Jesus's lap - that is, snuggled up to Jesus." Jesus "loved" all his colleagues, but Jennings thinks this one friendship was "expressed by physical and personal intimacy - what we might today suppose to be a homoerotic or a 'gay' relationship." Most likely it was "sexual in character," he says, though the Bible doesn't describe the "specific practices" the pair used to "celebrate" physical intimacy.


wikipedia The Sexuality of Jesus  

Aelred of Rievaulx, in his work Spiritual Friendship, referred to the relationship of Jesus and John as a "marriage" and held it out as an example sanctioning friendships between clerics.[6] It has been claimed that it was held by Francesco Calcagno, who was investigated on that account by the Venetian Inquisition in 1550.[who?]


Of course, most are pretty dismissive about the whole Jesus-of-Castro-Street idea.


Then of course, there's...... 


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Of course we know that Jesus is a fictional character.  Not only is there a lack of any verifiable historical evidence for his existence, but the four gospels contradict each other, as to very important aspects and details of his life.

We also know that the life and words of Jesus are based on older gods and prophets.  Just as Santa Clause, another fictional character, is based on traditions and the practices of a number of people, so is Jesus.  The sad fact is that war, torture, ignorance, the dark ages, the black plague, the crusades, the inquisition, and the witch hunts were and are very real.

Pondering of whether or not Jesus was gay is equivalent to wondering who the bottom is and who the top is, when looking at Ernie or Burt.  Maybe that is unfair, since everyone knows that Muppets are real.

While discussing the possibility of Jesus being gay may be irrelevant, it is fun to watch Christians squirm at the very idea.

I dont know about Bert and Ernie, but Im pretty sure Miss Piggy is a drag performer.



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