According to Sen Hatch who seems to be an expert on gay related things is claiming that gays' religion is politics and that gays are successful because we don't have church to tithe to:

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) says that Republicans need to get the money flowing the way the gay community does for Democrats -- though it helps, he said, that gay people aren't distracted by things like

"Gays and lesbians don't pay tithing, their religion is politics," Hatch told 300 or so constituents at Dixie State University Tuesday night, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Hatch's remark was part of a longer screed about the supposed Democratic unity -- meaning, apparently, willingness to donate -- of unions, environmental groups and "personal injury
lawyers" as well as gay rights activists. The Trib does not clarify
whether the senator also claimed those groups are not religious.

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-_- Every time that moron opens his mouth, I feel horrible about living in Utah...and this DEFINITELY doesn't help
People born in 1934 really have a handle on the gays.
To understand Borin' Orrin's comments, you really need to understand Mormon culture of which he is a part and to which he is committed. I understand that culture because I grew up in it.

To an active Mormon, the church is everything outside of family, and possibly work. The church is your social life, your hobby, your outside activities. Everything revolves around it. Church work consumes a great deal of a member's time and financial resources.

What Borin' Orrin is really saying here is that for gays, politics is filling that role, in occupying time and resources in the lives of gays. Of course, that is a bit of an overstatement, but for a few of us, that may be true to some extent. Political activism, to a group that feels itself under political threat - and that includes especially gay atheists - is an activity that is as motivated by the imperative of a moral response to the threat as Mormon cultural involvement is to someone like Borin' Orrin.

So his comments don't surprise me, and they make a certain amount of sense in the context of the culture of which he is a part.



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