I love this.  I know there will be controversy, but my childhood would have been easier this way.  It sounds like the siblings of this child might have some issues, but my first inclination is to consider that this part of the parenting is not the cause.  That being said, I know nothing about children, so I'll shut up now.



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Honestly all parents preform social experiments on their kids... or at least all the good ones, the bad ones don't care enough to spend the time and get a grasp of the different variables. Oh and compared to my religious indoctrination and torment, this is nothing.
I agree.  I have read your posts, and compared to yours, my upbringing was nothing, but compared to mine, this is nothing.

It's not about what you can grow up to be.  It is about how you identify as a child.  When I was very young, I was forced to wear dresses and I was cast into the role of being a traditional girl, which I am not.  It made me awkward and uncomfortable.  I even had to see a therapist because I wouldn't talk until I was past school age.  Was it due to gender confusion?  Absolutely.  I am an adjusted, quite socialiable dyke today, but it took some time.  The fact that I was funneled into traditional gender roles was damaging to me. 


I agree with WF Sophia.  Jazz can choose what he wants to wear.  I wish I had been given that choice when I was young, and not ridiculed when I wanted to wear what I wanted to wear.

I have actually contemplated a great deal on child raising techniques that will boost personal freedom of the child similar to these parents. Reading other's comments does give me reason to doubt the hopes and ideals of trying the best one can to give the child as much experience and openness to the child's options. On the other hand, what does 'not experimenting' mean? Does it mean raising ones child like everyone else raises their child? Following tradition. I, for one, think that being secular is more than not just being nonreligious but being nontraditional. Probably because I am a philosopher with a passion, I give a lot of credit to those who look for objective standards in order to ensure moral correctness.

I think these daily show clips kind of puts the responses on the site to this story in context:



that nail-painting clip is disturbing GOLD. i'm so glad you shared that.

I watched that the night it aired, and had already seen the controversy in the media. So pathetic.
Those people are hilarious!  It's a reminder, tho, that ignorant stupid people with an agenda are still ignorant stupid people with an agenda.
To go out on a limb with absolutely no info to back myself up, would it make a difference if Storm is intersex?

From one perspective it is difficult, on the other, I would dismiss the intersex factor. 


From the first, I heard from some intersexed people that they would have been happier being able to choose freely instead of being assigned a gender. 


From the latter, I think that people in general should be treated the same respect of their own volition, intersexed or not, when it comes to gender.



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