Quick - gotta find some homosexuals to blame for problems, come up with some conspiracy theories, and demonize them.

"The Vatican would have to "see what we can do" about the "gay lobby" operating in the bureaucracy, he said. "It is true, it is there," the report quotes him as saying."

The vatican can't get by without demonizing "the gays".

I was going to say something like, does the gay lobby have gay elevators, a gay concierge, aybe come gay potted palms....  but I didnt.  OK, I did. 

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Apparently, they can't get by without intimidation and blackmail relating to homosexuality, either, or at least not from what I read in a newspaper article this AM.  It would seem as though there are a lot of strong-arm tactics being used inside Vatican City, based on someone's putative sexual orientation.  I say "putative" because, at least in theory, no one is actually EXERCISING their sexual orientation inside the Vatican.  I mean, we ARE talking about a bunch of virgins here, aren't we?

Or, if not virgins, celibates.

All speculation of course.  No one knows how many Catholic clergy are sexually active, and with which gender, and with people of what age.



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