I still don't want to eat there myself  (still too much religion) - any thoughts?

By Chris Boyette, CNN
updated 6:04 PM EST, Mon January 28, 2013

(CNN) -- Chick-fil-A restaurants' philanthropic WinShape Foundation no longer funds the most controversial and politically charged anti-same-sex-marriage groups and has not since 2011, according to Campus Pride, a leading national LGBT campus organization.

Campus Pride issued a statement Monday claiming that Chick-fil-A gave the organization's executive director, Shane Windmeyer, access to WinShape's 2011 "990" tax documents.

He said they show that the nearly $6 million in outside grant funding "focuses on youth, education, marriage enrichment and local communities" and that in the list of the foundation's beneficiaries, "the most divisive, anti-LGBT groups are no longer listed." Among those groups were the Family Research Council, Eagle Forum and Exodus International.

Windmeyer acknowledged that WinShape continues to fund groups that don't condone same-sex marriage based on biblical beliefs but says these groups, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, don't operate with the same hard-nosed political agenda the other groups are known for.

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Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy sparked controversy last July when he weighed in on same-sex marriage, telling The Baptist Press, "We are very much supportive of the family -- the biblical definition of the family unit."

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I don't, and still won't, eat there.  They are still promoting and funding programs based on biblical principles, and I want none of my money going toward such causes.  Period!

I agree Flying Atheist. I don't eat there either.

Chick-fil-A would not only have to radically redefine itself in terms of its policies but affirmatively disavow those previous (and current) practices which brought the untoward attention onto it in the first place before I would remotely consider patronizing one of its establishments.

Meantime, if I want a chicken sandwich, Wendy's works well enough for me.

Funny you mention Wendy's.  Years ago I wrote a letter to Dave Thomas (Wendy's founder) after Wendy's decided to pull their advertising from the episode of the "Ellen" (DeGeneres) sit-com when she came out as a lesbian.  This was the mid-1990's.  I scolded them and told them I would never eat there again.  My personal boycott lasted for quite a few years, but I finally gave into temptation because I really do like their burgers. 

For me it's moot.  They don't have Chick-poop-A in this area, and I am vegetarian.  Not exactly their demographic.  Somewhere last week I read they actually are continuing to support antigay causes.  If I find that again I'll post it.



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