Here are photos from Portland Pride 2012.  If you attend a pride event in you area, it would be great to see some photos of your event!


Sorry about the pic quality - cheap camera, unsteady hands.



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Wonderful scenes! Looks like a lot of fun!

Joan, I usually feel like I'm just a visitor, and this time was no exception, but I still enjoyed it.  It was a nice day, and like a lot of things about Portland, very laid back and casual.  


The world has changed a lot since the first time I went to a pride event, probably 30 years ago, in the midwest.  Then we had to run a gauntlet of churchified zombie-like hate mongers. Long time ago, in the era of AIDS at its worst, when my friends were dying and the preachers reveled in the "retribution".


To be honest, what excited me the most today was to see a contingent from Americans United for Separation of Church and State. 


There were a lot of churches represented there.  I took photos of the ones that gave me the most cognitive dissonance - Mormons and Catholics.  As for the rest...  yes it's nice that some of them are welcoming and self congratulatory regarding how they have changed, and now they don't want to exclude (dues-paying) members of their communities, but could they once, just once, please, once, say "We're sorry for what we did to you"?  Until I see sign that says that, I say to them, "to hell with you."

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Remember when Black Pride parades took place and all those who were angry at the "uppity N"? The feminist groups took the heat for a while and only recently has there been parades for GLBT. I marched in a couple of them. Too old to do that kind of stuff any more and even the thouht of leaving my comfy garden to go into a throng just doesn't sound like fun for me. 

Is Act Up as active as it was a few years ago? It seems that is a stage each group has to go through. Kind of like a hazing.

Is it not interesting that once blacks came into the middle class they became acceptable in different denominations? Money speaks louder than ethics and morals.  

Joan, I think act-up is long gone.   Also you are right about money speaks.  Sometimes.

I was especially surprised to see Mormons.

Outstanding photos, SB! Forget the the quality of the camera, or the neurosurgeon-like hands. These are some kick ass pictures. I take my hat off to you!

Great photos.  Looked like a nice day for a parade.  I always have mixed emotions about the marching church groups.  Although I'm an atheist, I'm glad to see them there because it shows they are welcoming to our community, which is indeed important and affects all of us positively I think, atheist or theist.  On the other hand, I view them as I view any other church group....just a bunch of deluded people.  I do have to tell you, I have a gay friend who is an ordained minister who preached for years in a Metropolitan Community Church (gay denomination) here in Chicago.  In fact years ago (I'm almost embarrassed to admit this) he performed a same-sex marriage on the Jerry Springer show.  This was a long time ago when Springer was fairly new and relatively tame.....before the era of throwing chairs and knock-down brawls. 

2012 Chicago Pride Parade


Old Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful day for a parade.  A record-breaking crowd of 850,000 people were there!!


Several local elementary and high schools were in attendance as well as the Chicago Teachers Union.  Great to see all of them represented.

WGN TV and Bozo the Clown with Tom Skilling, weatherman, to the right.

"Pride" in rainbow balloons

Chicago Police Dept.

PFLAG.  Along with the Veterans' groups, they get the biggest cheers. 

Support for au naturale.

Miss Foozie, a favorite Chicago celebrity. 

American Airlines supporting diversity in the workplace.  (What would the world be like without gay flight attendants!)

Loud and thrillingly raucous....Dykes on Bikes!  Always a favorite with the crowd.

The Lakeside Pride Marching Band.  They had the honor of playing in Barack Obama's inaugural parade in 2009.

In addition to my photos, the Chicago Tribune has some very nice (and professional) photos as well.

Chicago Tribune link

Awesome!  Thank you for posting.  Looks amazing?

Is that Ihop?  I think I've eaten there, about 12 years ago....

PFLAG and veterans get the biggest cheers here too.  Looks like the perfect day!

Yes, that's IHOP at the intersection of Grace, Halsted and Broadway. 

I forgot to favorite T-shirt at the parade said, "My Boyfriend's Wife Hates Me."

Very cute!



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