Harold Camping is at least well named.  Harold's camp consists of silly pronouncements about the Rupture Rapture, scheduled by Harold for May 21, 2011.  Harold has already missed once, excusing his misprophecy by claiming he hadn't read chapter and verse of a certain Booblical Book.  So, Harold camps.  You know he is camping when you see the short clips of him that are shown over and over on some TV news stations. 

I know Harold camps because he is so full of self-loathing he so despises same sex people and particularly males.  He has the same message as that fat, double-chinned shuck and jiver, the ReverEND John Hagee ("Katrina was caused by gays").  Camping's lunatic congregation of losers and liars presumably gave Harold everything they had because, as he probably puts it, "You won't need that where we are going." 

There's just one problem, Harold, you have many millions in bank accounts and that will keep a camel from passing through the eye of a needle.

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One wonders how much of his fortune he spent in promoting this foolishness.  S'pose he shot the whole wad?
No, he got his flock to put up the money for the publicity. If he disappears tomorrow, and no one else does, they won't locate him.  That's what they mean by Rupture Rapture: Only Camping goes away with Jebus.  Jebus = shekels.
And the sheep go to yet another shearing unknowing.  What fun it must be to be stupid and not even KNOW that you're stupid.  Even Forrest Gump did better than THAT.
Actually, Loren -- and I know you know this already -- many quite brilliant people believe.  It is a sad truth.  In fact, more of them believe than disbelieve.  Or at least they seldom go beyond doubt, which might make them quasi-agnostics.  From my readings in atheism, it appears that the only possible explanation for so many having this God delusion, as one biologist calls it, is simply that we are all hard-wired for religious belief.  Few manage to escape an inherited trait that is exclusive to their species.

So true.  It is so disappointing to hear an seemingly normal person talk about how ridiculous today's rapture was, and then state, "No one knows when Jesus is coming."


Like Chris Hitch I firmly believe that the ability of a religious individual to spin the happening or non-happening of an event predicted by the Booble or the Koran is infinite, and that just as God poisons everything, He most surely will forbid debate since His followers embrace delusional ideas in the first place.   The capacity for self-delusion is infinite as well, so we end up with a world-wide problem: God is on our side.  Scratch the present Israeli-Palestine question: seen at its most basic, this conflict is entirely based upon dogmatic adherence to O.T. soothsaying and Jehovah said this or Yahweh said that.  God has poisoned the dialogue in that part of the World because both sides claim Gallah as their grantor.

Well, if I have a reinforced recessive gene which allows me to cut through the BS, I suppose I might facetiously thank the FSM for that ... except that I'm not sure I can even joke about a parody-god.  I grew up with the programming, but it didn't stick.  I was largely indifferent about the whole issue of religion through my adult years, up until something over two years ago, when I suppose I got woken up to the real problems and dangers of organized irrational belief.  That and a bit of serendipity finally brought me here.

I don't believe and I'm glad of that.

I look back into my childhood where two adventurous uncles, a gambler and an international oil field worker, exhibited clear cut atheist tendencies.  It's like, if atheists at that time had something stereotypical about them, e.g. the atheist equivalent of a limp wrist, we'd all have known who they were.  But these men were married with no children and both drank rather much. They never went to church, either, though their father had been a lay reader.  It dawned on me early in my run of the mill protestant upbringing that the whole business was just that: these people commune on Sundays and sell their wares on the steps outside.  This so turned me off that I began a search of about forty years for meaning ("God").  During my occult dabblings in the 80s and 90s, I learned an important truth: "The only God there is is the one between your ears."  I have now taken to use of the late Aleister Crowley's slogan: "There is no God but man."

I HATE when I get up on Sunday morning and start watching an early news show, and, as I get busy with other activities, the John Hagee crap comes on.  I don't know what is worse, the sound of his voice or his big, fat, square head.


I just heard on the news that the rapture has been called off.  Surprise!  I guess the zombie jesus decided it isn't time.  It is probably for the best, as he couldn't resist eating the brains of the xtians in the sky.

Rupture Rapture called off! How dare they! The event of the millenium called off?  No way!  I will miss my final orgy of evil.  The only way I can compensate is to commit suicide. At least the RCC believes that if you do that you cannot be buried in Hallowed Ground.  Who was that wag who said he hoped he was not going to Heaven: everyone there is a terrible bore.
There were likely SEVERAL wags, James, among them our buddy, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who would opt for heaven for the climate, but hell for the society!
Twain was a genius.




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