Well, consider me surprised here.  I didn't see this one coming http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/24/rush-limbaugh-biography-a_...

Chafets notes Limbaugh's libertarian streak, which puts him on the opposite sides of some big issues from family values conservatives.

"He regards homosexuality as, most probably, biologically determined, and while he opposes gay marriage as culturally subversive, he has no problem with gay civil unions. -- which is the stance of
President Obama and Hillary Clinton... He is not opposed to capital
punishment, but he 'wouldn't go to the mat over it."

Limbaugh also turned down repeated invitations from Jerry Falwell to speak at Liberty University and in 2009, he declined an offer to speak at the school's graduation ceremony and to receive an honorary degree.

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Maybe the drug addled gas bag has seen the light....don't hold your breath.
Well I'm a little shocked. I thought I saw some quotes by him calling it "filthy, immoral behavior". Most likely he exaggerates the "asshole" part of his personality for radio, as do so many. His weakest point these days is race relations, though.



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