Not surprisingly, there has been a considerable backlash in the US, the UK and elsewhere regarding Russia's announced enforcement of anti-gay laws during the Sochi Winter Olympics.  CBS' coverage of the protests is in the video below.  The full article and comments may be found here.

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I'm glad there is a backlash.  I don't like that the Olympics are hosted by an oppressive homphobic regime.

I think you're not remotely alone on that one, SB...

Thanks for posting this Loren. 

Not wanting to derail, I posted a separate discussion on the role of American fundamentalist christians in promoting homophobia in Russia and other places.  It's not that simple - they might well pass the same laws without the American christian influence - but there is a role.

If it was possible for Vancouver BC to gear up fast enough, I would love for the Olympics to move that.  But it wont happen.

When S. Africa had apartheid, would we have held Olympics in Pretoria?

No ... but Nazism was ascendent in Germany in 1936, and that sure didn't stop the IOC.  Of course, back then, they were likely not fully cognizant of just WHAT was going on or what the next 10 years would hold.

Homophobia is a losing gambit in the US, which is likely why jackasses like Rick Warren and others are trying to promote it in Africa and perhaps in Russia as well.  If they succeed, it's because of the ignorance in too much of Africa and the excessive influence of one man - Putin - in Russia.  Neither situation has an easy or facile answer, sad to say.

Let's hope the IOC is more aware than they were in 1936.   I odn't know that they are, but I can hope.

South Africa was considered a pariah during apartheid.  Their athletes weren't allowed to compete.

Susan - you came up with the perfect solution!  Excellent!  The IOC will keep the Olympics in Russia,but not allow Russian athletes to compete!  Brilliant!

I didn't agree with it when it was done to South Africa and I wouldn't support it now.  Why punish the athletes for the work of a few assholes?

Oh.  OK. 

So....  if there is a gay athlete at the Russian Olympics, they'll just have to  keep it hidden or be arrested.  We can punish the gay athletes so we don't punish the others.  Not to mention the tourists?

Not meaning to disagree, I just don't know how that works.

Or there can be mass protests.  I read an article where a Russian personality came out on TV and was fired in 20 minutes.  In the nean time, the entire audience and staff were applauding him.  So, homophobia isn't as rampant as you think.  How are the Russians going to arrest everybody?  Besides, there is already a HUGE backlash against the law.  Image what would happen if people saw the bigots being bigots.  Sort of like what happened during the civil rights movement.  

I hope you are right.




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