As I have Stargate Universe playing in the background, it comes to mind again.  Where are all the LGBT characters in sci fi?  SGU (this is old news) had a compelling Lesbian character.  


Sci fi has interspecies love and sex, human/artificial life form sex, human/simulated life form sex.  As a sci fi geek, it frustrates me not to have occasional same-gender loving characters.


Any new ones lately that I don't know about?

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This is mostly fantasy but there should be some sci fi as well, otherwise look around the other lists on there, but I think it's pretty rare. I honestly can't think of any recommendations, then again I'm more of a fantasy person, though I love sci fi as well. I think maybe it's because sci fi is usually written by men while lgbt fiction is usually written by women. I think you might have better luck looking for online amateur writers, but finding quality work requires patience.

Impressive list!  Thank you for posting.  You are right, they do look mostly  like fantasy.  I looked at Dhalgren, cant remember gay theme in that but I read it so many ages ago.

Sentient, have you seen Torchwood?  The main character Captain Jack Harkness is gay and the actor who play the part is actually gay as well.
Jack is the first openly non-heterosexual character in the history of televised Doctor Who

The actor Wiki:

Torchwood is a great show.  I love Sci-Fi like you do. 

THank you Steph.  I will have to look into torchwood.  If it is on netflix then I can start tonight.

It should be on Netflix -- I really love that show -- I think you will too.

The character started on Doctor Who and then he got his own show -- so you could watch some of Doctor Who as well.  It's the seasons with David Tennant as the Doctor.

It's there, at least the first season.  I'll look into it.  Tired of stargate.
I think his first epsiode was with Christopher Ecclestone - The Empty Child - that's a good one!
Yeah , very good show.

Having watched a few episodes now, I liked it so far.  I actually had watched the first episode some time in the past, but forgot it.  


It's nice that he's "pan-sexual" or "omni-sexual" or "bi-sexual" however they define it or not - but I want a gay guy!  I know, one of the complaints a lot of bi people have is lack of visibility - so here's one, sort of!  A handsome and swashbuckling one, to boot.


Of course, if they give me a gay guy who I don't identify, then I'll complain that the specific gay guy that I want is missing.  Maybe I should write a letter to Vin Diesel - if he played a gay sci fi character I would be very happy.

So glad that you are enjoying it.  Thought it was a great series.
I've been looking to get into Doctor Who for a while now, this may just get me going. But damn it's a long series, where the hell to start..
My thoughts too - Maybe just start with the beginning, I don't know!



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