As I have Stargate Universe playing in the background, it comes to mind again.  Where are all the LGBT characters in sci fi?  SGU (this is old news) had a compelling Lesbian character.  


Sci fi has interspecies love and sex, human/artificial life form sex, human/simulated life form sex.  As a sci fi geek, it frustrates me not to have occasional same-gender loving characters.


Any new ones lately that I don't know about?

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Doctor Who is completely amazing.  There are two series; the original (covering the first to the seventh Doctors which ran from 1963 to 1987) and the new series from the ninth Doctor onwards that started in 2005.  The 8th Doctor was in a film that wasn't great.  Both are great although, obviously, the start of the classic series is B&W and the first few episodes were filmed live and so are much less slick than the new ones.

The new series was revived by Russell T Davis, who also did Queer as Folk and Torchwood.

David Tennant is my fave by far.  We're on the 11th Doctor now, played by Matt Smith who was excellent as Christopher Isherwood in 'Christopher and his Kind' (If you haven't seen this, you HAVE TO!!).


Anyway... :-)

This is good, thank you.  Most of what I watch is background while doing tedious internet-based  homework, but after 2 or 3 or 5 times around I get the drift.  I've seen the CSI genre so many times, again as background, that it's almost memorized, so something different is really needed.
David Tennant is my favorite too.
One thing I liked about Captain Jack Harkness was that he also had an eye for the alien. He was pansexual.

Have you tried Robert Heinlien?  I seem to remember his books had lot of free love in all it's expressions.  I don't know if you've read Stranger from a Strange land, but there are gay/bisexual characters in it.  There is also sexual canabalism which I have always considered a little weird for my taste.  No canabalism sexual or otherwise for me, thank you.


Here's an article on gay/bisexual characters in sci fi:

Grace thanks for the link.  I haven't read Heinlein in ages.  I grew up on him and Ray Bradbury.
I keep thinking I'd like to try my hand at writing.  I have a plot, a theme, a tone, characters, a gimmick, a genre, but not the self discipline.  And maybe not the talent.  Or the time.  If I would get my butt off nexus maybe I would.
But we like you on here! : )
thank you.  mutual.  I'll stick around.  but there IS that book waiting to be written....

There's the NaNoWriMo event every november which gives a great opportunity to get some writing done, while getting a lot of support from other writers. It's hard to make the "goal" but for many it's just what it takes to get started on writing =)

I have written 2 novels (unpublished) and a thesis.  Novels are much easier to write than histories - IMO.  My trick was to write 1,000 words or three pages a day everyday.  In  couple of months, you'll have finished your novel.  However, aren't you adopting a baby? I was never able t o write with a baby in the house.  They take all your time and attention even when they are sleeping!  LOL!



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