Meet Buster Wilson from American Family Radio.  I would have never known to look for this if I hadn't just heard him on the radio bellyaching about Right Wing Watch posting it on youtube.  He said that they cut out the part where he asked everyone to pray for the hurricane victims.  I suppose it never occurs to him that asking for that makes it more ridiculous.

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Why is it that the nuttiest nonsense always comes from organizations with the word "family" in their names?

Anytime I hear "family" anything, I head in the opposite direction.

It's like Bill Maher says, any mention of the word family and you know they're bigots.

There are a lot of sick people in this country.  Their church is sure that their God is a murderer (but only people that they themselves hate) because of the history of the Catholic Church and their conduct over the centurys. Of course he hates anything that they happen to dislike. That's why we have all of these natural disasters but they don't understand why so called "Good Christians" go down at the same time.  The story that I've had is that "They must have been secret sinners".

Southern decadence causes hurricanes, scantily clad women cause earthquakes, gay marriage causes damage to traditional marriage ...

Anyone here notice that religious claptrap causes all manner of incredibly stupid and utterly unverifiable statements?  Really ... anyone at all...?

Of course.  The only consolation is they will never know how cool it is to be gay or bisexual.

Worse ... they'll never know how cool it is NOT to be afraid of yourself, or any aspect of yourself, whether your gay, straight or albino!

A Decadence Festival and I missed it?! SON-OF-A-.......!!!!! How come no one notified me? I would have booked a suite at the Place d'Armes off Jackson Square. It's only a 10 hour drive from my house to the Vieux Carre.

You know your god is man made when he hates all the same people you do. Unknown



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