I've been asked to become a guest author on a website "Gay without God" because apparently my style of writing won some applause from the back-room staff. So those of you who know me, any suggestions for what makes a great blog, and ideas for things I might cover. I'm putting together my own list but I'm fishing for inspiration.



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(1)  Why marriage equality matters.  There are a zillion opinions,

"I don't want to get married so it doesn't matter"

"I don't care if the gov't sanctifies my relationship"

"I don't believe in emotional or sexual monogamy so no one else should be able to marry"

"I don't want to mimic hetero relationships so neither should anyone else"

"Marriage is an official recognition of coupledom and family, and is a legal way to provide security for me and my partner, in uncountable ways"

"love is love, and anyone who loves should be able to marry"

"My partner and I have been together for 15 years.  We don't need the stamp of approval"

"Denial of marriage to LGBT couples, regardless of whether a particular couple wants to marry, is creation of 2nd class, inferior form of citizenship and institutionalizes prejudice"

"Marriage inequality degrades the status of LGBT people"

"The societal standing of marriage belongs to LGBT people as well as to heterosexual people"

I've rarely seen discussions that take all of these into account.

In addition, I've never seen a christian discussion of LGBT marriage equality that wasn't rife with hypocrisy - "traditional marriage" as a concept is falsely defined as the marriage of one man to one woman for life.  That's not traditional everywhere, and even in the West there are many variations on the theme.  Plus that's not the same, by far, as Biblical marriage.  How do you deal with the "traditional marriage" hypocrites when they seem to spend their conversations with their fingers in their ears saying "la la la la I can't hear you"?

(2)  Denigration of LGBT middle aged people.  We've started to honor seniors, thinking they are old and cute in a gnome-like way, sexless and harmless.  Which does not honor the experiences, lives, and humanity of seniors, and is wrong.  There is so much to learn, and there are life experiences to honor, and humanity to embrace.  Then the middle aged are another story.  The LGBT community seems to have forgotten that just one generation before them, we pioneered equality and forged the way to the current, relatively acceptable era in the West.  We also saw most of our loved ones and friends die young and horribly, and spent no small part of time wondering either "why not me" or "I might be next".  Some turned to religion, some affirmed their reason, some turned within.  But whatever happened, the generation that pioneered LGBT rights, and that suffered incredible challenges, and survived an unspeakable plague....  is largely forgotten. 

(3)  Conservatism / Liberalism, Libertarianism /  Radicalism, political dynamics - not from the "Im right and you're wrong"  point of view, but rather thinking about what leads people in those directions.

(4)  I'd like to learn more about T.E. Lawrence.  And Sir Roger Casement.  And maybe Carl Heinrich Ulrichs.  And maybe Alexander von Humbolt.  But probably no one else would want to read those, so probably a bad idea.

(5) Sir Roger Casement really was quite the hunk.  And an amazing, courageous activist, who strove to change countless lives for the better.  OK, I'll be the only one who reads that, like I said.  Bad idea.

(6) What's up with those LGBT christians?  We like to say they are self hating, but are they really?  And LGBT Catholics - my god, that's strange.

(7)  I've known 2 regular ordinary american LGBT people who converted out of the blue to Islam.  Why would someone do that?

(8).  How do I get Vin Diesel's phone #?

I hope that's helpful Richard.  Whatever you write on, I'll be looking to read.  In fact, I added GWG to my RSS reader.

Inspiration asked for and received  - thanks a tonne SB!  :D

I think what intrigued me the most was this generational gap between those who fought for o

ur rights to those who have benefited.  I'm as guilty about that as anyone so that will lead in some interesting thought-provoking direction.  Thanks.



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