kind of old news, but it was new news to me.


In what’s seen as a victory for GLBT equality advocates, disgraced former New York state senator Hiram Monserrate lost his March 16 bid to win a special election that would have returned him to the seat he lost when the state senate voted to expel him....  When a new group, Fight Back New York, made the special election the first political campaign in its program of replacing lawmakers who had turned on marriage equality, Monserrate became more firmly anti-equality, aligning himself with local anti-gay pastors and campaigning on the issue of marriage for gays and lesbians. The sexuality of his opponent, the openly gay Assemblyman José R. Peralta, also became a campaign issue, with Monserrate calling Peralta the "puppet of rich gay fanatics."

One down, how many more to go?  Based on his other activities, the guy is a sleaze, and maybe he would have lost anyway - but the efforts of the pro-gay group appears significant. 



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Thanks for sharing. I was vaguley familiar with this, but not that much. What an asshat.
That is the second time I've seen the term 'asshat' do you have any idea of its origin.
No. It's something I picked up on this site.
It's news to me, so thank you for sharing.
Great victory for gay rights!



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