Republicans in New York's state Senate who crossed party lines to legalize gay marriage in the state have seen sharp increases in their campaign coffers, leading conservative activists to allege their votes were bought.


There doesn't seem to be any proof of bribery.  If they took money from conservatives to vote against same gender marriage, conservatives probably woundn't have said anything about that.  It would be kind of stupid. 


I would like to beleive they supported equality out of conscence. 



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It must be borne in mind that conservatives practice a double standard.  They exempt themselves from the rules they would apply to everyone else. When this is pointed out to them, they always have good excuses, none of which they can fully elaborate.  Not the least of which is that they are "more moral" than us, so they are somehow thereby morally licensed to behave in ways the rest of us wouldn't find acceptable. 


If no conservative politicians ever took a dime from special interests in return for sponsoring the legislation written by the interests' own lawyers, there wouldn't be a single conservative member of congress.


I think you are right - they did it out of conscience, and decided to quit pandering to the bigot lobby.  But the conservatives are so used to selling out to special interests that they expect everyone does it, and can't understand sincerity.




i actually don't have a problem with their votes being "bought" if that means they recognize that gays and supporters of gay equality have power in terms of the ballot box and the wallet.


And for some of them I think they actually don't personally have an issue with gay marriage but pretend to in order to pander to conservative voters.  Which comes with its own moral culpability to be sure.



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