Child discovers gay marriage

See a child's reaction when he learns of gay marriage.

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I get a lump in my throat every time seeing this. It's so stupid that a little kid can so easily grasp what sends an adult thoroughly inoculated with religion and prejudice into hysteria.

Great video!

How dare they indoctrinate that young boy with Satan's poison.  They should be teaching him that an ark can hold millions pairs of animals, and that the same god that killed virtually everyone on earth with a massive flood, loves him very much.

Don't forget. God also stuck two humans in a garden in the Middle East, told them not to eat fruit from this one tree (even though he knew in advance that that they would), went off and left them while he twiddled about, and then blamed and punished them for doing what he knew in advance that they would do (and in the process cursed all of creation, resulting in all of the pain and suffering that all creatures on Earth experience, even the ones who didn't even eat from the tree), and even engineered that they would do, even though he'd given them gifts of curiosity and intelligence that they weren't supposed to use, all so that he could come to Earth as a human being by getting a young Jewish girl pregnant without the use of sexual intercourse and have the human beings he created murder him as a human sacrifice to himself to fix a problem he created in the first place by putting two curious humans near a tree that he told them not to eat from. Makes sense.

Ah, free will - aren't you glad god didn't just make us as robots?  He could have, you know - but he loves us too much.  He could have just covered the earth with robot factories run by robots, but he wanted to see how badly we could fuck up his beautiful creation by overpopulating it with our penises and vaginas instead.

Ah, but isn't it "funny" how god created us with free will and not as robots, but expects us to follow his insane laws, as if we were robots.  Old and New Testaments, "Does not compute...Does not compute."

As my conservative (but well-educated) Christian fundamentalist father remarked to me not too long ago, "I choose to believe what the Bible says, even when it doesn't make sense." This includes his views on his gay son...

In other words, he chooses to be voluntarily delusional.  I am not certain I can think of anything more tragic.

Oh, the HORROR!  The unbelievable, unbearable trauma ... NOT!!!

Some people believe those awful, terrible, outrageous, ridiculous, contradictory, vicious stories in the bible and think "something from nothing" is not believable. Can't cure such beliefs;  some who are able and willing to think even refuse to look seriously at their belief system. 

On the one hand, my circle of friends shrinks, even as a new circle forms who enjoy shucking old beliefs and recognizing that Stone Age beliefs don't hold up to this Age, whatever its name. 

Kids reflect adults' attitudes; The greatest families I know have same-sex parents and their children reflect  accepting or rejecting other family forms. 

What is the old saying ... society evolves one funeral at a time. I'm in favor of giving society a nudge. 

So cute!

This kid took 30 seconds to understand it. Hmmm, so why does it take some adults their whole lives?



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