There are frequent discussions on whether same sex expression is immoral.  Or on whether support of same sex relationships, such as marriage equality, is immoral. 


It's more difficult to find discussions on whether homophobia is immoral.  Often we (or I) make statements based on the assumption that homophobia is immoral - but what is the basis for that?  What specifically homophobic actions or statements are immoral, and why?


I can try starting a list.  I am not formally trained in logic or moral discussion.


(1)  Scapegoating.  Scapegoating is the action of attributing bad events to a person or groups of people.  For example, 911 was the homosexuals' fault.  The tsunami was the homosexuals' fault.  AIDS is the homosexuals' fault.  Divorce among wealthy celebrity reality pseudostars is the homosexuals' fault.  Why are these statements immoral?  I think, first, it attaches demonization to a category of people, and on individual people, who are clearly not to blame.  It exposes them to danger, retribution, and discrimination, and for false reasons.  It might actually endanger other people, if they believed it - for example if tsunamis are the fault of the homosexuals, then there is no reason to avoid building near the coast, or install tsunami warnings, since the real protection would be to prevent homosexuality.


(2)  Unequal Opportunity.  Discrimination in work, housing, and other situations seems, to me, to be immoral.  That is based on my belief that all should have equal responsibility and opportunity.  It can also harm society in general, since it can mean that the most qualified person for a job or role is not the person doing that job or role.


(3)  I'm not sure what to add, or if this is on the right track.  Comments?


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Homophobia is the quickest way for people to know what you're talking about. People all have their gripes about words (I can't stand the word "Islamophobia") but with some wordings there are gripes in either direction. There are some who are uncomfortable with gays because they are afraid if they chill out they could discover their own homosexual tendencies. This is "classic" homophobia.

Other immoral qualities: judgmentalism. Hating people based on one characteristic. Invasion of privacy (anti-gay laws). Abandoning one's children or other family members. Support for bullying. Oh, and also the tendency for hypocrisy, as so many famous homophobes have been caught with their pants down.

This is a good list.    Especially the tendency for hypocrisy.  And abandoning of children.   And the judgementalism.  And the support for bullying.



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