Hi everyone, I'm new to Atheist Nexus!  I'm gay and an atheist and I was really glad to find this site because it just me or does it seem like there's a lack of LGBT atheists out there?  Like on the Internet, it seems like I can find plenty of sites for LGBT religious believers, but Atheist Nexus is one of the few sites I've been able to find that have groups devoted excuseilvely to LGBT atheists and related issues.  Given how much religion persecutes the LGBT community, one would expect there to be a lot more LGBT atheists out there, but does it seem like to you that there's a serious lack of LGBT atheists, especially vocal activists?  How many authors are there out there who write books on LGBT issues from a freethought position versus the numerous gay Christian authors?  And even though there's lots of religious organizations out there that are targeted at the LGBT community, I can't seem to find any such orginizations for LGBT atheists.  Do you think atheists are generally more welcomed in the LGBT community than they are among heterosexuals?  If you're an LGBT atheist, have you found more support from heterosexuals or the LGBT community?  Have you found more support for your atheism from heterosexuals or the LGBT community or is it about the same?  What do you think can be done to increase the visiblity of atheists in the LGBT community? 

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Well, as it comes to LGBT-et-cetera, you'll find me under "B" ... and while I don't go spoiling for a fight, I won't shy away from one, either.  Most religions I'm aware of want to treat us as undesirables if not abominations, though their holy books fail to provide any rational justification for their positions, other than that their god said so.

Someone had better tell them that two can play that game.

Perhaps the prevalence of religious LGBT groups are due to the oppression they face for being believers, so they're trying to create a "safe space"

I notice there are lots of queer people who are also religious. I really don't understand it. Of course, there's more to a person than their sexuality or gender, but why would someone want to be a member of a faith that thinks you're damned?

Most of the atheists I know are heterosexual, and most of the people who support my gender expression and bi/pansexuality are heterosexual. I think that's a result of queer people facing oppression from the outside, so they feel the need to be "legitimate" - and someone like me who doesn't fit neatly into a box of male/female or likes wo/men seems to be a threat to their personal identity.

You'll find me under "B" as well.

Religions are certainly tenacious mindware, that have a strong hold on many people, queer folks included. People with an emotional and social attachment to a faith community might well want to reform it from the inside. And being visible can reinforce the idea in other believers that we humans, rather than ancient scriptures and teachings, create morality.



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