Must be a slow news day.  ""Sexual self-sufficiency," they write, "either by masturbation or autofellatio, is tantamount to having an affinity for one's own sex." In other words, if you were a fan of manual masturbation in 1946, my heterosexual male friends, you'd have been branded a secret homosexual pervert who likes penises so much that he gives himself hand jobs."


Honestly, I've never seen a discussion of this activity in the press anywhere.   The article concludes that the female equivalent is unlikely.


I don't think autofellatio is mentioned in the Bible, so it's probably OK from a religious standpoint.  No spilling of the seed on the ground, unlike masturbation.  Not one biblical case of god smiting a poor horny person for giving himself a blow job.  At last, a loophole!



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I like it. And, ever heard about the pineapple thing? >;-D
OK, I bit. I've been around awhile and never heard of that. I assume you mean flavor enhancement...

There is always something new to learn.

Hi I am new here, but why is the bible important here,  just wondering???


We are having fun.  Ease up.
This discussion was appropriated by Hollywood for deployment in their generic, unimaginative male-bonding comedies. Results are inconclusive.



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