And I thought my family was different....


I saw this a while back. It's not really about "gay" per se, but that's there.... I could not find intelligent discussion about the film. Most comments were was about how "shocking or "disturbing" it was. I must be very jaded, I wasn't shocked or highly disturbed - maybe a little put off, but then I've seen a lot of situations with amazingly dysfunctional families and all sorts of bad behavior.. The point of view was different from any I have ever seen, and I can't figure out what to make of it. I can't imagine this scenario would ever happen - power dynamics just don't happen this way. Unless it was autobiographical. Maybe it's an attempt to de-demonize child abuse? Lolita on ecstasy? NABLA apologetics?

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What. The fucking. Hell. Was that?

That was like David Lynch with serious dad issues meets Tyler Perry on a really bad acid trip.

So you don't think it will a new series on Fox, maybe after Glee?

Actually, this seems like a premise for American Horror Story.

Haven't seen it.  THe promo looks interesting.

I'm wondering if it's so different from Nabokov's Lolita, which has been made into a movie  at least twice.  Well, except for this movie's gay incest part.  And this was forced instead od seduction I guess.  Oh, and putting on Dad's sweater, and the Psycho thing at the end


I like the idea of Shelly Winters, James Mason, and Peter Sellers in the Kubrik version.  I think I'll check Netflix.  It might be time for a Shelly Winters film festival, anyway.



I'm not sure what to make of this film, as I'm not quite sure what message it is trying to send, if any.  Perhaps it's just one of those slice-of-life movies that doesn't have any specific agenda.  For the first part of the film I felt sorry for the mother, but then she went ahead living a delusional life as the happy family matriarch, all the while knowing what dark secrets were occurring in her home.  She kept her feelings bottled inside until they murderously came to a head at the end.  I didn't care for her final brutal actions.  Too much, too late.  She had already lost my sympathy by that point.  I do find it interesting that the son ended up abusing his abuser.  I believe it's true that abused children often continue abusive behavior with their own children or even with themselves.  That's the message I got from the son putting on his father's sweater.  He was going to continue the abusive cycle, as he already began to with his own father.  Obviously the father is ultimately to blame for the situation.  He's the adult figure who should have put an end to any kind of improper sexual behavior exhibited upon him by his own son right from the start.  Not that this matters, but the film never shows who actually initiated the "first move."  It could have been either the father or the son.  In any case, the father is ultimately responsible.   

Some of the comments on the film were also critical of the mom.  I think by making it a short, some plot details were left too unclear, but my impression was that Dad was always the victim.  How that happened I don't know.  You are right, the adult is always responsible.  The ending almost made me laugh, like all of a sudden Mom went psycho.

BTW, Daniel.  If you're having a Shelley Winters film fest, may I suggest the following films (if you're not already familiar with them):

A Patch of Blue (1965)

The Big Knife (1955)

A Place in the Sun (1951)

The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

Cool!  Would it be sacrilege to throw in Poseiden Adventure?

The Poseidon Adventure is the first movie that came to my mind.  I didn't mention it goes without saying.  Pop the popcorn and enjoy!  



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