Really?  Is a heart circumcision sort of like an angiogram?   Video at about 3:15 min


It's hard to listen all the way through.  I listened because supposedly somewhere in this, the group claims you can fast but still eat food. 


Really pretty pictures.  I like them.


It's an invitation to return to the bridal chamber for a period of purification and preparation.  But from the sound of the droning speech, she seems to think she's married to Jesus and to her husband.  Which sounds to me like bigamy, which is not what she claims for traditional marriage.  Well, it is, but it's not.


This information from multiple posts regarding the christian  group's invitation to christians everywhere to fast and pray for 40days, although apparently they wont have to give up food.

“We are asking the entire Body of Christ to join us for this feast – giving up  physical food isn’t necessary – but feeding on the spiritual food provided is  vital.”  I guess they don't have any problems with "word salad" for their fast, either.


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ROTFLMAO "Circumcised heart" sounds like a fucking Rolling Stones song! So, I guess we're risking god's "corrective hand." A hand job from god? Somehow fasting 40 days without giving up food sounds a lot like taking Jesus into your heart, only more rewarding. All in all a lovely video experience, SB! Lots of Oscar buzz I think. Your bigamy comment reminds me of Oscar Wilde's crack that "marriage" and "bigamy" are really the same thing. Both mean having one wife too many.



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