Several months ago I posted a news article about the start-up Thai airline, PC Air, recruiting transsexuals for the position of flight attendant.  Here is a follow-up news story.  This past Friday, March 9, the airline made its first commercial flight after hiring four transgender flight attendants. 

The headline asks the question: "gimmick or equality?"  In my opinion, it's definitely equality and only becomes a gimmick if you advertise and market that certain aspect of your business, such as was the case with Hooter's Air or even a bikini car wash. 

It sounds like the majority of Thai people are quite tolerant of transgender persons and have, much like native Americans, a reverence toward this "third sex."

Link to news article:  Transsexual Thai Air Hostesses: gimmick or equality?

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Judging from the article, it looks like movement toward equality.  They mention that in Buddhist Thailand the judeochristian influence is much less.  I think that in the West, most transgender people prefer not to be paraded around as trans, but who knows what the situation  is in Thailand.

Whatever the case, I think it is nine kinds of awesome.  I flew on a Thai airline when I went to Japan, and I would have loved having the "third sex" as flight attendants.

That was my first thought as well.  it's one thing if they just get hired for equality's sake and the airline doesn't make a big deal out of it.  Entirely another if the airline tries to make that an advertising gimmick that reduces the attendants (people) to sex objects for the sake of selling more airline tickets.

If it's the former, good for them for promoting equality.  If it's the latter, shame on them for exploiting people and their sexuality.




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