In the wake of Uganda's virulent homphobic feeding frenzy, leading to enactment of laws mandating imprisonment of LGBT people and supporters.


"Uganda's new-anti-gay law punishes gay sex with up to life in jail.... also calls for first-time offenders to be sentenced to 14 years in jail.

In signing the bill, Museveni said the measure is needed because the West is promoting homosexuality in Africa...Museveni accused "arrogant and careless Western groups" of trying to recruit Ugandan children into homosexuality..."


In fact. the people recruiting include Scott Lively and other American christian evangelicals, activists in antigay propaganda and promoting persecution worldwide.


Ugandan newspaper now prints the names of "200 top gays" supposedly- opening the way to vigilantism and arrests.


Terrible place.  Terrible people.  Supported by terrible American christians. 


Here's a take from other asshole American christians - "Concerned Women for America" - and some specific members of that hate group - via the awesome "The Young Turks"


The New York Times, "Gospel of Intolerance"

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... the West is promoting homosexuality in Africa ...

Really?  And their evidence for this is what?  The fact that the US is beginning to treat gays and Lesbians like human beings rather than some aberration?  The fact that more and more people are learning the homosexuality is a natural occurring trait of human behavior?

I hope it goes without saying that Uganda just went on my shit-list ... and it'll stay there until Museveni and his cronies wake up and smell the coffee.  Indeed, every nation that recognizes the rights of the LGBT community to be who they are, unmolested, should read Uganda the riot act.

This crap should NOT be tolerated.

I know it's passe to say this on the internet, but the African politicians and preachers making their antigay propaganda speeches to their enthralled crowds, reminds me of nothing so much as Hitler making antisemitic speeches to his enthralled crowds.  The atmosphere looks almost the same.   Only the appearance of the people is different.

At 1:52, the gentleman in the second video talks about the influence these evangelical organizations want in politics, education, business and entertainment.  Anyone who knows anything about the New Apostolic Reformation will recognize these as four of the seven mountains their strategy.

This is dominionism, plain and simple ... and they're going to Africa because it's easier to get away with their crap than it is becoming in the US.

The second film here is part of the full length film God Loves Uganda,  If you can find it and watch it you will come away so angry about the absolute stupidity and ignorance of organizations such as The International House Of Prayer based in Kansas City.  These offensive people have been loosing ground here in the USA so they are now going to Africa and spreading their filth.

I often wonder if there were never any religions through human history we would be so overpopulated on this planet.  Killing those people who do not believe in your particular sky fairy has been the goal of just about all of mankind throughout our history.  The Earth has just about all of us that it can support now, what would we do with ten times more?

I better not watch more of that. Im already too angry and I feel helpless to do anything about the christian nazis.

I am not gay and this Uganda ordeal speaks volumes hatred to me having had Pentecostalism as an influence in my life. It angers and scares me at the same time.Everyone should fear the present undertakings

I wrote something today in regards to the way Human Being are being treated.And,here is part of it again with an addition.Scot Lively and the extreme right evangelicals should be sued in World Court for discrimination and terrorism .Pay for feeding,housing and clothing of the arrested.Charged with murder for killings

All arrest should be made in the Name of Jesus and Scot Lively.Not in Gods name because god is vague.The Right Wing Extremist recognize Jesus as being god.

I said one more thing but added more.

Thanks for the opportunity to post.

Stay Safe

Richard, this is the height of irrationality - to condemn someone not because they are a threat, but because some antiquated reference wants to insist that they are.  This is a failure of intellect, of reason, and of perception.  It's also a failure of empathy, a failure to connect with someone who may be different from you, but who shares far more in common than the minor amount that lies in difference. 

The christers can't see that, and it is their determined ignorance that is more dangerous than any gay man or Lesbian woman ever was.

There is a court case against Lively.  It's hard to say how it will turn out.

WashingtonPost.    Some discussion from that link -

If Lively wins, he’s a right-wing hero; if he loses, he’s a martyr. Either way, this case has potential to spread his fame far and wide and inspire imitators. He might succeed in commandeering the Supreme Court as his stage. All pretty enticing for a nut case from the fever swamps.

Now, here’s what should be happening. Christians — especially evangelicals, and above all evangelicals who oppose gay marriage but insist they are not anti-gay (you know who you are!) — should be publicly repudiating what Lively is doing. They should make a very uncomplicated moral statement: “It is wrong and it is un-Christian to go abroad and help demagogues persecute homosexuals, whether intentionally or not.” ...

But to my knowledge, not a single prominent U.S. Christian leader has spoken up. Not one....

Regardless if Lively wins or loses [please pardon my somewhat blunt language], he deserves to have his nuts kicked through his nostrils.  Clearly, he wants to reduce gays (and probably Lesbians as well) to second-class citizenship status, whether in the US or Africa, with no more justification than an Iron Age book which is even more ignorant than he is.

He needs to be stopped.  HE DESERVES TO BE STOPPED.

I think worse than 2nd class citizens - he wants us exterminated.  No one can spread  the kind of hatred that he does and not have completely malevolent intent.  A truly evil man.

He's not alone, there are quite a number of others.  But he's the scum floating on the top of the toilet water.

He's all of that, SB.  The problem is, at least in my case, anyone coming after me with bad intent is going to discover that they've run head first into a buzz saw. 
I am NOT a pleasant person when I'm threatened.  Indeed, I'm downright dangerous. 

Nota bene.

I'll try to stay on your better side!



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