In the wake of Uganda's virulent homphobic feeding frenzy, leading to enactment of laws mandating imprisonment of LGBT people and supporters.


"Uganda's new-anti-gay law punishes gay sex with up to life in jail.... also calls for first-time offenders to be sentenced to 14 years in jail.

In signing the bill, Museveni said the measure is needed because the West is promoting homosexuality in Africa...Museveni accused "arrogant and careless Western groups" of trying to recruit Ugandan children into homosexuality..."


In fact. the people recruiting include Scott Lively and other American christian evangelicals, activists in antigay propaganda and promoting persecution worldwide.


Ugandan newspaper now prints the names of "200 top gays" supposedly- opening the way to vigilantism and arrests.


Terrible place.  Terrible people.  Supported by terrible American christians. 


Here's a take from other asshole American christians - "Concerned Women for America" - and some specific members of that hate group - via the awesome "The Young Turks"


The New York Times, "Gospel of Intolerance"

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Bro, you got nothing to worry about.  The dipshits who want to perpetrate this horse manure on the rest of us?  They don't sleep so well.

For me, a M to F trans who was trained by the British SAS I have shocked a few who wanted to have some fun with a Tranny. All that aside I am an atheist, always have been and I am sure that when the lights go out they are out.  In the case of these idiots such as the international house of prayer I almost wish there was something to check into after death.  I would cheer when the BigUn shoved a roasting fork up these idiots ass and put them over the fires that they so rightly deserve.  I have never been to Uganda but I was in the Nigerian Army and even back in the 70s these so called missionary's (those that were not BarBQd) were spreading much the same crap.  How we in this country can claim that the Taliban are so bad yet we have so called Evangelical Christians who make them look like choir boys. I suspect it's all due to a flaw in Intelligent Design.  

Hey, Chrissie, pleased to meet you.

My formal training came courtesy of a former Korean Marine Corps colonel.  Suffice to say, he knew his stuff.  As for the evangelical christians who are pulling this crap, they and others constitute an American Taliban, insofar as I'm concerned ... and as the link suggests, I'm not alone in that assessment.

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