In the wake of "ex-Lesbian" and now super-Christian Lisa Miller, who kidnapped the daughter she was raising with her now ex-partner Janet Jenkins and spirited off to Nicaragua,to live as a fake Mennonite, now (via American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer wants an "underground railroad" to deliver the children of LGBT couples from "sin".

From the NY Times link, "...named in the court papers is Philip Zodhiates, the owner of a conservative Christian direct-mail-list...(and)... Kenneth L. Miller, a pastor of the Beachy Amish Mennonite sect in Stuart’s Draft, Va...."

So, pretending to be some sort of "Freedom activists", these perverse assholes help kidnap a child to get her away from her parent, who happens to be Lesbian, and transport her to Nicaragua.  Calling this an "underground railroad" is as perverse a term for this as I can imagine.


Ms. Miller, 44, is wanted by the F.B.I. and Interpol for international parental kidnapping. In their underground existence in this impoverished tropical country, she and Isabella have been helped by evangelical groups who endorse her decision to flee rather than to expose Isabella to the “homosexual lifestyle” of her other legal mother, Janet Jenkins.

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Underground Railroad?!?!? Repulsive. And Freedom Fighters? These people are dangerous and insane. I do hope the FBI gets the woman and brings the child home.

"International parental kidnapping," eh?  Refreshing to see that the FBI and Interpol are willing to call a spade a spade.  I hope those evangelical groups catch the full splash of their actions in court!  "Aiding and abetting" seems to be the operant term here.



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