In a victory for human rights today, 5 members of the US Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). And in what at least is surprising to me, let stand a Federal Appellate Court ruling, overturning California's Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage. Not surprising were the 4 dissenters to the DOMA opinion: Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito.

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YES to SB's comment! I have friends who have faced similar circumstances.

Thank you for sharing your story, Sentient Biped. It's a story of progress and hope.

Thanks for sharing your story, Sentient... it's amazing how much more civilized our society can become in a generation!

And Pat, your introduction of this topic was right on: "In a victory for human rights today...."


Religiously-motivated opponents of equality are spinning the decisions with virtually no regard for truth.  The choice "breaking news" headline now on's home page:

US Supreme Court Rules on Prop 8: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Striking Down Prop 8 is Reversed!

[The Supreme Court did NOT reverse the appeals court's decision, it vacated it. It ruled that Prop. 8's proponents had no standing to appeal the federal District Court's decision, which (as Protect Marriage won't tell you) also struck down Prop. 8.]

We are pleased that the Supreme Court has reversed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ misguided decision that sought to invalidate Proposition 8. For the more than seven million Californians who have seen their vote stripped away from them, little by little, over the course of five years, that decision is gratifying.

[Translation: majorities who vote to deny civil rights are doing god's work. But other majorities of voters -- for instance, last year in Maine, Maryland, and Washington (who passed equal marriage) and Minnesota (who repealed a constitutional marriage ban) -- can be ignored, because they're rebelling against what Jesus wants. :-) ]

While it is unfortunate that the Court’s ruling does not directly resolve questions about the scope of the trial court’s order against Prop 8, we will continue to defend Prop 8 and seek its enforcement until such time as there is a binding statewide order that renders Prop 8 unenforceable.

[They might try to argue that the district court's ruling applies only to the original plaintiffs.]

We are also especially grateful and humbled by the consistent prayers and support of traditional marriage supporters everywhere throughout this long and difficult case.

[Obligatory snark: "Prayer. It's the least you can do."]

GC, those people at (and their ilk in other organizations) try hard to destroy their own credibility and can't seem to do it.

I guess that tells us something about their supporters and their funders.

We here on A/N know America was not founded on xian principles, but throughout the country's history a lot of xians left their tracks on American law and customs, especially on sexual laws and customs.

Those tracks again and again send Scalia to his version of a wailing wall and he does a lot of wailing.

For as long as he's been on SCOTUS he's been wailing If people weren't doing X in the Founders times, we can't start doing X now.

For as long as [Scalia]'s been on SCOTUS he's been wailing If people weren't doing X in the Founders times, we can't start doing X now.

You're right! Everybody off the internet! :)

Big surprise - Scalia is an absolutist.  Is anyone observing this even remotely shocked at the discovery?  Do you suppose he'd have us still getting about in horse-drawn carts and sailing ships and keeping slaves, like we were 200+ years ago?  Like with religion, Scalia has become so bound up in his own philosophy that he can't see that he is, indeed, held captive by it.

If I even remotely liked the guy, I'd think that was sad.  As it is, I think he's an asshole.

Scalia is a grumpy theocrat.

Scalia is an absolutist, who like his Catholic masters wants obedience.

In the law, he considers himself an originalist. He imagines the Founding Finaglers (the title of a book) telling him what they'd intended. He obeys and wants everyone else to obey.



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