Interesting rundown of anti-gay politicians and religious leaders.

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I hate everyone. Time for a shooting spree.
love the term 'gay hi-jinks' sounds like a Scooby-Doo episode.
"Gay hi-jinks" = "SHENANIGANS" lol!
Okay, I didn't watch the video. Frankly the title was enough to suggest the following to me:


A beautifully done documentary by Kirby Dick, wherein he examines the hypocrisy of politicians (mostly but not exclusively Republican) who legislate against gay rights in the office and surreptitiously pursue their gay desires on the down-low. HBO carried it for a while and I believe it is now out on DVD.

I recommend it highly.
Oh yes that was an awesome documentary! I think that was on HBO because it was in my cable box as a freebie.
More hypocrites so what else is new?

Closet gays who vote/speak against gay rights:


"I don't get to live the way I want, so nobody else should either!"


And I'm still waiting for one of the Phelps to get caught with their pants down.



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